Who is South Africa’s Best ISP?

Users struggle regularly when looking for a decent internet service provider, with each of them offering the best service at the most affordable rates. Which of them live up to their promises, if any? Read below to get the full picture on South African internet service providers.
Compare Guru
According to recent surveys, Vox Telecom and Axxess are South Africa’s best performing ISPs. The survey was completed by 2600 South African internet providers who provided scoring based on their providers billing, services, reception, customer care and internet speeds.Those who participated in the survey were typically IT professionals or other tech savvy individuals who have a broader understanding of broadband. They were asked to award a score out of 10 to each of the providers individually. Scoring was done in three separate categories:
  • Value for money
  • Network quality
  • Customer Support
Vox Telecom scored highest in the value for money and network quality categories with 8.35 and 7.83 respectively. Their support score, however, was 7.41, placing them below companies like Internet Solutions and Afrihost. Axxess scored the best support score with 8.46. Other notable scores were FNB Connect who scored an 8.0 for value for money, Web Africa who scored an 8.0 for support and Afrihost who scored a 7.79 for support. Overall, the top three positions went to Vox Telecom, Axxess and Internet Solutions. Those who participated in the survey were also asked if they would recommend the ISPs to their friends, and were asked to base their answer on a score between 1 and 10. Axxess was the most recommended ISP with a score of 8.37, with Web Africa in second place, with 8.27, and Vox Telecom came in third with 8.01. The lowest scoring ISPs in all of the above categories were Telkom Internet who scored the lowest in all of the categories including the recommendations poll. Openweb was in second to last place with an average score of 6.77 in the performance categories, and 6.74 in the recommendations poll.