The Most Expensive Vs The Cheapest Cities In The World

The most expensive and cheapest cities in the world for 2018 has been announced. How does South African cities rank? We find out.
Melissa Cohen
Many of us complain about the expensive cost of living in South Africa and high inflation. South Africa is, in fact, one of the cheaper countries in the world. This is according to 2018 Cost of Living data released by Numbeo and Expatistan. Numbeo is a data research group, while Expatistan is an expat portal. Both of these companies have released their own Cost of Living data for this year and the results are interesting. 540 cities in the world were ranked by Numbeo, while Expatistan ranked 338 cities around the world. The data was recorded and compared according to various activities recorded across the countries. Take a look..
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The Top 10 Cheapest Vs Most Expensive

Although there were two different data research surveys conducted, many of the results were similar. Here the 2018 findings:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities

Ranking  Numbeo Expatistan
1 Hamilton, Bermuda Hamilton, Bermuda
2 Zurich, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland
3 Geneva, Switzerland Zurich, Switzerland
4 Basel, Switzerland Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
5 Bern, Switzerland Reykjavik, Iceland
6 Lausanne, Switzerland San Francisco, USA
7 Reykjavik, Iceland New York City, USA
8 Stavanger, Norway Oslo, Norway
9 Lugano, Switzerland London, United Kingdom
10 Oslo, Norway Basel, Switzerland

Top 10 Cheapest Cities

Ranking  Numbeo Expatistan
1 Thiruvananthapuram, India Indore, India
2 Navi Mumbai, India Bhubaneswar, India
3 Alexandria, Egypt Kochi, India
4 Coimbatore, India Jaipur, India
5 Kochi, India Coimbatore, India
6 Visakhapatnam, India Ahmedabad, India
7 Kharkiv, Ukraine Cairo, Egypt
8 Bhubaneswar, India Kolkata, India
9 Mysore, India Tunis, Tunisia
10 Lviv, Ukraine Madras, India
The following factors were considered and researched when compiling the two sets of research:
  • Rent;
  • Food;
  • Entertainment;
  • Transport;
  • Utilities;
  • Average Salary;
  • Cost per square meters of property.
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Where Does SA Rank? 

Pretoria has been ranked as the 354th most expensive city out of 540 cities for the Numbeo results. In the Expatistan results, Pretoria was ranked as the 185th most expensive city out of 338 cities. Pretoria has officially been named as the most expensive city in South Africa for 2018. Since 2016, Pretoria has been on the top of the list, where it took the top spot from Johannesburg. Johannesburg however, was not the most expensive city for long, as Cape Town was named the most expensive in 2015. The image below illustrates the current spots for the most expensive city in South Africa for 2018:

Comparing Living Conditions In SA

Within the survey that the two data research companies conducted, they broke down the cities expenses according to a few variables. The table below illustrates the difference in living prices between the top five most expensive cities in South Africa. According to Numbeo's Cost of Living analysis, 29.9% of South African's salaries go to food essentials. A whopping 25.9% of salaries are spent on rent on a monthly basis. Once all the 'needs' are paid for, only 3.8% of South African's salaries go towards clothing and shoes. Start your car insurance quote.