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Xiaomi Phones Now Available Through Afrihost

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2016-11-21
Afrihost have partnered with Xiaomi to bring you the Chinese brands latest range of high-end phones at affordable prices.

Afrihost have updated their mobile tech portfolio by adding the Mi range of smartphones to their lineup.

Mi Smartphones are made by Xiaomi, one of the top five smartphone manufacturers in the world. They're known for building high-quality devices without the exorbitant price tag that usually comes with it.


A High-End, Affordable Phone

When you think of low-cost phones, the assumption is that they don't include the same features and specs that you find on high-end devices. Usually, getting a low-cost handset means having to settle for something less powerful and with none of the features that you usually get when you're willing (or able) to shell out more money. These include things like a fingerprint scanner, LTE, great battery life and powerful processors.

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Partnering With Afrihost

Xiaomi's smartphones take that idea and flip it on its head. Furthermore, this commitment to premium design, with a low cost, is apparently the reason why Afrihost decided to partner with the company.

As part of this launch, when you buy your new Mi Smartphone, you’ll get an Afrihost SIM loaded with free data, every month for a year!

According to Afrihost, this free data is a gift from them to you. There are no catches, no obligations, no contracts, and no credit checks. 

Afrihost will be offering these 5 models to start:

  • Redmi 2 8GB - R1799 (With 500MB Free Data PM x 12)
  • Mi Note 2 - R2799 (With 500MB Free Data PM x 12)
  • Redmi 3 32GB - R3299 (With 500MB Free Data PM x 12)
  • Mi Max - R4699 (With 1GB Free Data PM x 12)
  • Mi5 - R7999 (With 2GB Free Data PM x 12)

You can pay off your new Mi Smartphone monthly using your credit card budget facility, or simply pay once-off via credit card or debit order. The company is also offering FREE delivery with every purchase.

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