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You May End Up Spending 5 Years Of Your Life On Social Media

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-03-04
Do you spend longer than the average person on social media? We take a look at what the signs are of a social media addict.
Social media has slowly evolved to the point of practically taking over our day-to-day lives. Today we are faced with various platforms to simply click or tap onto and be fed thousands of images and content instantly. The vibrantly coloured icons draws you to them and, once in, you are faced with a plethora of pictures, videos, and stories. Here, you have instant gratification of your need for information, images, and event attention. According to studies, the average person spends about one hour and 40 minutes on social media a day. This will, eventually, translate into over five years over your (average) lifetime! FIVE YEARS! Teenagers, however, spend almost nine hours flipping between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. These numbers are deeply concerning! Why don’t you try and time yourself tomorrow and see how long you spend. We can almost guarantee that you will instantly start putting your phone down once you see the minutes racking up.
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How To Tell If You Are a Social Media Addict

The First Thing You Do When You Wake Up Is Reach For Your Phone

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. Most of us do! This is, essentially, how we found out that Prince passed away, or George Michael. Usually, your alarm goes off on the phone and, while flicking it off, you notice numerous notifications on each platform. If you are checking Facebook before even greeting your significant other, however, you might have to start going back to the old alarm clock. How to quit: Rather charge your phone in the kitchen overnight. If you need an alarm in the morning, dig out your old alarm clock, or go and buy one from the shop. They are not expensive. The phone not being next to your bed will also significantly lower those 3am scrolling sessions when you cannot sleep.

You Cannot Sit Through a Movie Without Looking At Your Phone

Let’s set the scene. You are at home, relaxing, and your favourite series or a new movie is on. Every 15 minutes, however, your phone is in your hand and you are checking for the latest updates. You don’t necessarily need to be checking who this actor is, or what Rotten Tomatoes scored the flick. You can simply be distracted by what “Kerry” is posting about her baby, or the latest adorable panda video. How to quit: Leave your phone in the other room. Or, even better, pick up a book!

You Get Most Local And International News From a Social Media Site

We mentioned it earlier. If you saw that George Michael had passed, or that Donald Trump had won the election, on social media, we have news for you! It was reported that 44% of Americans get their news solely from Facebook. There is a special kind of danger that comes with getting your news solely from social media; fake news. This phenomenon is taking over our favourite social media platforms and is spreading like a bad rash. Although the percentage of fake news is still small on platforms, with Facebook and others working to create algorithms to kill it, it is still there! How to quit: Beat the fake news! Buy a newspaper driving into work. Switch on the radio. Log into news sites. Talk to real human beings! They do exist!
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You Catch Friends Up On Your News Via Social Media

If your friends have stopped asking you what you have been doing due to the permanent stream of updates that you have been flooding them with; problem! It is so easy to get swept up, checking into every hot new spot you try out. Click a few selfies, tag your friends, rate the venue, hashtag the hashtag, win some drinks, and move on to the next spot, only to repeat. The fact is that you are missing out on everything going on around you. How to quit: Tuck that phone away and only use it when you need to call an Uber. You will probably have even better stories to tell on Monday about the actual people you interacted with!

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