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Your Favourite ISPs Are…

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-01-05
We asked consumers who their favourite ISP is based on affordability, speed, variety, and service. Here are the results.
There has been lots of movement in the local broadband scene. With ISPs offering free data, special promotions, and increasing their fibre roll out. broadband_article_banner

Our Survey

With all these offers and sales pitches, we realised that it would be difficult for the average person to figure out what the best ISP would be to choose. So, we asked our readers who the best ISP is (in their opinion) based on four questions. Here's what you told us:

1. In your opinion, which ISP, from the list below, provides the best value for money?

The results are:
Mweb 28%
Afrihost 25,80%
Telkom 20,40%
Axxess 9,70%
iBurst 4,30%
Cybersmart 3,20%
WebAfrica 3,20%
Vox Telecom 3,20%
Openweb 1,10%
Crystal Web 1,10%

2. Which ISP provides the best speed?

This is what you said:
Mweb 29,51%
Telkom 26,23%
Afrihost 21,31%
Vox Telecom 4,92%
iBurst 4,92%
WebAfrica 3,28%
Axxess 3,28%
Crystal Web 1,64%
Amobia 1,64%
Openweb 1,64%
Internet Solutions 1,64%

3. Which ISP do you think provides the best customer service?

According to your votes, MWEB came out tops with Afrihost not far behind.
Mweb 27,34%
Afrihost 26,62%
Telkom 22,30%
Axxess 7,91%
Vox Telecom 4,32%
WebAfrica 3,60%
iBurst 2,88%
Crystal Web 2,16%
Internet Solutions 1,44%
Amobia 0,72%
Cybersmart 0,72%

4. Which ISP offers the greatest variety of products (in the form of Fibre, mobile, ADSL etc.)?

According to our results, the answer is Afrihost.
Afrihost 28,83%
Mweb 26,13%
Telkom 23,42%
Axxess 9,91%
iBurst 3,60%
Vox Telecom 1,80%
Internet Solutions 1,80%
WebAfrica 1,80%
Cybersmart 1,80%
Amobia 1,80%
From the results, MWEB came out tops in three out of the four categories, including the all important customer service section. With Afrihost taking two second place positions, and one first place. Telkom ranked at number three in most categories, with the exception of internet speed where they ranked second. It's clear that MWEBs focus on core products and customer service, essentially placing themselves in your shoes, has worked out for them. At the end of the day, we all want to do business with a company that doesn't just talk the talk, but actually lives up to their marketing campaigns.

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