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About Compareguru

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About Us

Compare Guru's primary aim is to source and provide affordable product options to South Africans for Mobile, Broadband, Banking and Insurance. Through our independent research of all the markets, we are able to comprehensively provide you with side-by-side comparisons for you to make an informed decision.

Whether it's acquiring a new Cellphone or Broadband Contract, applying for a new Credit Card, or taking up Life Insurance, we believe that access to pertinent information and understanding is key.

About Mobile mobile services

We offer the most comprehensive comparisons between cellphone contract, prepaid and data packages services providers, which will save you time and stress. Our convenient side-by-side comparisons of the latest cellphone product offerings will help you make the best informed decision Prioritising affordability and the lowest call rates, CompareGuru offers detailed contract and prepaid related product descriptions making your decisions easier. You can simply select the contract comparison by cell-phone brand name, price, or service provider. We strive to show you the best and latest contract packages so you can easily choose the most suitable option.

About Broadband broadband services

CompareGuru provides you with all the pertinent comparative information you need when choosing an ADSL package. Whether it's contract or prepaid, we successfully compare the latest ADSL packages from a variety of great service providers. You are able to quickly tailor your comparative search based on price, packages size, and service provider. You can easily select the best and latest package that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you require shaped or unshaped data services, or whether you want capped or uncapped ADSL, Compare Guru will make your decisions easier and faster.

About Banking banking services

CompareGuru knows browsing through banking options is a strenuous task, which is why we eliminate the hassle for you. We will efficiently guide you through the endless information on Savings, Cheque, and Credit Card accounts through our detailed side-by-side comparisons tailored to your needs. Our fantastic comprehensive comparisons include transaction fees, account type, interest rates, customer rewards, and more. No more queuing at banks or visiting multiple sites, we have all the information right here for you to make the best choice.

About Insurance insurance services

Allow CompareGuru to create the most comprehensive comparison of insurance quotes that best suit your needs. Ensuring the ease of flexibility, we only look for the best insurance policy packages for you. We guarantee fast and efficient insurance quotes to save you time and money. Our side-by-side comparisons ensure great affordability and instill a peace of mind. We take into account various factors such as age, socioeconomic status, and occupation when sourcing the most applicable insurance quotes for you. We can help you make the best-informed decision for you and your family. Whether it be Life, Car, Bike, House, or Travel Insurance, we have you covered.

About Travel travel services

We aim to find and compare the best possible flights so you save time and money. We emphasise transparency and independence so you will only receive non-partisan comparisons. The partnership with Travelstart brings you amazing holiday packages so you can book your entire trip with flights included, all at the same time. All airline prices you see already include airport taxes and fees so there are no hidden costs. All results are listed in increasing price, each entry gives you the airline name, price, departure and arrival times, stops included, and the option to find out more information.