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    Your personal details are to improve the results shown in your final report.

    Personal Information

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    What is salary benchmarking ?

    By entering your salary, work, education and tenure information, we’ll be able to advise you on how you fair against the rest of the country.

    Salary Benchmarking

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    Assets and Insurance

    Knowing your assets and insurance information will allow us to provide you with bespoke advice to maximise your financial well being.

    Personal Assets and Insurance

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    Which of the following insurance policies are you covered through?

    • Life Insurance
    • Hospital Insurance
    • Funeral Insurance
    • Car Insurance
    • Home Insurance
    • Legal Insurance
    • Warranty Insurance
    • I don’t have any cover

    Personal Finance

    Knowing your personal finance will allow us to further tailor the advice we provide to you and give you some helpful tips to maximise your wealth.

    Personal Finances

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    • Household Gross Income (before tax)

    • Do you have any investments?

    • % of income to fixed costs

    • % of income is disposable

    • % dedicated to paying off credit

    • Do you have secondary income?

    • How much is secondary income per month ?

    • How many bank accounts do you have?

    • % of income to savings

    • Are you in debt?

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