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Summary of Funeral Insurance

Everyday we carry on with our day to day lives with the false belief that somehow there will always be another opportunity to make amends, another opportunity to say I love you. When death creeps up unexpectedly, we are reminded of how short life is and how nothing much is in our control.

The truth is there are some things in our control, such as how we choose to say goodbye and with funeral cover, you are able to do so in the best way possible.

What Is Funeral Insurance?

A funeral policy takes care of all the financial funeral expenses involved in the event of you or your family member’s unexpected death.

How Does Funeral Insurance Benefit You?

No Financial Burden For Your Family
The cost for planning a meaningful funeral program is taken for granted and in the case of your unexpected death, there’s nothing you can do to assist in making the financial burden less for your loved ones. The only way one does that is through funeral cover.

You Cover More Than Yourself
What happens when your spouse, child or an extended family member passes? Are you able to easily whip out the money to say goodbye in the heartfelt manner you wish?

With a funeral policy you can cover more than yourself. You can cover your spouse, up to 5 children and 10 additional extended family members including parents-in-law.

Immediate Accidental Death Cover
There is no waiting period when it comes to funeral cover. Once your first premium is paid and should you or one of your family members pass on in the case of accident, you are covered immediately.

Claim Pay Out Within 48 Hours
Most Funeral Insurance Companies in South Africa offer pay-outs within 48 hours. Depending on your funeral insurance company, simply submit these documents to your specific insurance company:

  • A certified copy of the death certificate
  • Certified copies of the deceased’s ID

How Do I Apply

Finding the right insurance can take time, which you might not have. CompareGuru will help you find comparable quotes that are tailored specifically to your needs.
By submitting your ID number and contact details, one of our partnering authorised financial service providers will finalise all the details with you.

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