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    Personal Loan Quotes

    Summary of Personal Loan

    A personal loan is a lump sum provided to an individual by a bank, credit agency or private lender, to use for personal expenses. Personal loans come with lower interest rates than credit cards and payday loans, so funding a big expense or project with a personal loan could save you thousands of rands on interest payments.

    How Do I Apply?

    Simply fill in all your name, surname, email address and few other details in order to apply for an online loan. You will be contacted soon after this in order to discuss your loan options.

    Your personal loan will then be approved/disapproved based on your:

    • Credit Rating
    • Employment data

    What Are The Benefits?

    • There is no need to risk having your personal property repossessed when applying for an unsecured personal loan
    • No upfront payments required
    • Predictable interest rates and monthly payments makes for easy budgeting
    • Ability to finance your personal expenses immediately with a quick loan
    • Access to a cash loans for bad credit history customers

    How Do I Repay A Personal Loan

    Once you’ve received your loan amount, you will need to start making monthly installments in order to pay it back. The amount of the loan, interest and time period over which you are repaying the loan, i.e.: whether it is a long term or short term loan, will serve as the loan calculator.

    A percentage of this will go towards the repaying the fundamental amount borrowed from the lender, while the rest will go toward the interest rate.


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    Our online insurance quotes are comprehensive in detail and each quote is specific to your personal circumstances. We bring you great insurance quotes for car, home, and building insurance from leading insurers such as ABSA, Auto General, and Santam. Receive the latest New National, Vir Seker, and 1st For Women quotes so you can find the best insurance quote. We also compare insurance quotes from Oakhurst and Unity insurers.

    We will capture your personal information and redirect you to our trusted licensed authorised financial services providers who will guide you through the quote process. Click n Compare makes obtaining insurance much easier with quick comparisons of quotes from leading insurance companies. We strive to compile and compare the most affordable and comprehensive insurance options to give you value for your money. Each quote is tailored to your needs, your budget, and your personal circumstances.

    Life insurance and medical insurance are essential to maintaining the welfare of your family. Life insurance offers financial relief to your family in the event of your death. Medical cover will ensure you have the financial support for daily medical expenses. Funeral insurance puts your family at ease with a lump sum pay out to cover funeral expenses in the event of your death. Home insurance brings a peace of mind to know your family’s home is safe and covered. You can now defend yourself with qualified and expert lawyers with affordable Legal insurance. A comprehensive hospital plan will help your family financially when they are hospitalised.

    You can save the structure of your home without the financial burden with comprehensive Building insurance. Avoid paying for the fender bender when you buy comprehensive Car insurance. The only thing that should be on your mind while travelling is the wondrous adventure that awaits you, that is why you should allow Click n Compare to remove the hassle and stress from finding travel insurance.

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