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September 6th, 2017 by

Cape Town Mayor, Patricia De Lille has announced that the city will up water restrictions to a Level 5. This is in response to the high levels of water consumption and the lack of supply taking place in the city.

De Lille’s aim is to put more pressure on water management among the community to ensure that water is distributed correctly.

“There is now a new emphasis on capping excessive water use at the domestic household level and placing additional restrictions on the commercial sector,” explained the mayor. 

A waterless car wash is possible! Here’s how!

05062017 CTAs 01 01 - Cape Town Hits Level 5 Water Restrictions

How Much Water Is Really Left? 

According to the City Of Cape Town, as of the 4th of September, there is only 315 439 megalitres of water left. This is about 35.12% of the total dam capacity.

This has put Cape Town under pressure to ensure that this does not run out. Level 5 water restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

This is what Level 5 restrictions look like…

05092017 WaterRestrictions Infographic 01 700x1388 - Cape Town Hits Level 5 Water Restrictions


How Will This Impact You?  

Authorities will be clamping down on both the residential and commercial sectors.

Commercial properties need to lower their water consumption. De Lille requires that they reduce their consumption by 20%. As for households, residents are limited to a maximum of 20kl/per month.

This means that each person may only use 87 litres of water daily.

The mayor has warned Cape Tonians that if they exceed the limit, hefty fines will be distributed between R5 000- R10 000.

According to the mayor, as of last week, consumption stood at 599 million litres per day. She is aiming to decrease that to 500 million litres.

How much water do you use a day? We found out!

05062017 CTAs 01 05 - Cape Town Hits Level 5 Water Restrictions

What Can I Do To Save Water? 

Are you wondering how you are going to stick to your 87 litre limit? Here is an idea of how you can use your limit so that you get the best out of it. Not only that, but you might even save a few extra litres!

05092017 WaterRestrictions Infographic 02 700x771 - Cape Town Hits Level 5 Water Restrictions

That extra minute in the shower or keeping the tap running while you brush your teeth, could really make all the difference!

Think today, save water for tomorrow!

  • mva1

    At current usage we can expect to reach zero water in December. How will the massive influx of visitors over this period be dealt with? What measures are being implemented to desalinate water both short and long term?
    Borehole water is robbing Peter to pay Paul as the water we can’t see, in aquifers underground, is what supplies the boreholes but it gets resupplied from the same source as ground water – ie precipitation aka rain. Am I the only one who recognises that by draining the unseen aquifer water we are compounding rather than aiding the problem?