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August 1st, 2017 by

The cat has been let out of the bag and MiWay has revealed the identity of the fake email perpetrator.

Mondli Madlala has been named as the man that spread a malicious racist email, claiming that it was from an employee from MiWay.

Not only has this caused death threats to two of MiWay’s innocent employees, but it created some very bad publicity for the company. 

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Compare With This Guy - MiWay's Fake Email Perpetrator Let Off Scot-Free

So What Is MiWay Doing About This?

Nothing. They have made the decision not to press any charges against him.

According to MiWay’s CEO, Rene Otto, “Our young democracy has had a legendary example of forgiveness and reconciliation in Nelson Mandela. We dare not forget it. He chose to forgive the racist murderers of the apartheid regime for the hope and dream of a unified and reconciled nation.”

Otto believes that taking legal action is easy, however forgiving and forgetting something that has caused so much hurt and pain to so many might be more challenging.

MiWay decided to take the more challenging route in order to make a point. They wanted show people that it is possible to move forward and reconcile with people who truly show remorse.

Otto does however, make it quite clear that out right racism is not tolerated.

“It should be exposed and rejected with contempt. The lesson we learnt from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is that for reconciliation to happen, the truth needs to be exposed and sincere remorse needs to be shown,” mentions Otto in a statement.

Where Did This Decision Come From? 

Once MiWay had pinpointed that Madlala had committed the crime, Otto contacted him so that they could meet face to face.

“His [Madlala] unhappiness was aggravated by the fact that MiWay failed to send him the recordings of conversations with MiWay that he requested. It was a mistake. We sent it to the Ombudsman but neglected to send it to him,” explains Otto.

This was all due to a claim that Madlala made with MiWay that was disputed.

Madlala took the matter to the Ombudsman and MiWay won the case, leaving Madlala even more resentful.

Is An Apology Enough? 

During their meeting, Mr Madlala showed genuine signs of remorse towards Otto and his company.

“He wanted to atone for the folly of his ways that turned his and MiWay’s worlds into sheer hell. He also offered to apologise to the two innocent staff members implicated in the fake email and to the nation for fanning the flames of racial hatred. I believe his remorse was genuine,” adds the CEO.

Madlala mentioned that MiWay was never racist to him at anytime during the dealing that he had with the company.

The two staff members who were caught up in the drama have also decided not to press charges against Madlala.

They have chosen to accept his formal apology.

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19062017 CTAs 03 700x205 - MiWay's Fake Email Perpetrator Let Off Scot-Free

In Other Racial News… 

St John’s College’s former Geography teacher, Keith Arlow has not been let off the hook so lightly.

Arlow was accused of throwing a series of racial comments at some of the students at the school.

He was given an ultimatum saying that either he resigns or Gauteng MEC of Education, Panyaza Lesufi will have him fired.

Arlow chose to resign on Friday even though he believes that his actions were performed in jest.

Do you think that Madlala got off too easily? Or did MiWay do the right thing?



  • What would Miway’s reaction have been if Madlala was white?

  • Trollsmite

    Yeah that’s bullshit. If that person was white and wrote that email all hell would’ve been lose. Fuk this backward mentality country

  • Dawn Tlhapane

    yes he got off very easily but i guess that was the company’s choice after all to take that decision of not pressing charges against him. I think also for the company it was a good PR stunt. with all this saga good marketing was done in their favour

  • Elizabeth Dallmann

    Very noble gesture. May others learn from this and not persecute people for expressing their beliefs.

  • Activist

    Wow!? So anyone can fuel hatred towards another and use MiWay and show remorse when caught and get off? Something wrong here… The death threats against the two employees that will not charge the person .. fishy .. probably told they were brainwashed by MiWay to choose not to lay criminal charges. I have not had my apology from the perpetrator yet. What happened to the public apology? What a lot of nonsense. Do what you said on radio. Take action – don’t buckle down to sympathy . Its a business not a charity!