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October 30th, 2017 by

On Tuesday, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula announced the latest SA crime statistics for 2016/2017. In doing this, he outlined the horrific crimes taking place among the farming industry.

Recently, another farmer was brutally murdered on his farm in Klapmuts, Cape Town. This has brought the number of farm murders to over 70 since January 2017.

We expose the hard truth facing the farming industry in South Africa. The stats prove it!

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19062017 CTAs 09 700x100 - REVEALED: SA's Sickening Farm Murder Stats

Black Monday Is Born

This week, Local farm manager and businessman, Chris Loubser posted a video on social media that has gone viral.

In the video, Loubser acknowledges the recent death of farmer, Joubert Conradie and expresses his concern for the local farm industry. He has encouraged everyone to wear black on Monday (October 30) in acknowledgment of the dreadful farm murder stats.

Afriforum and AgriSA have complained that not enough is being done to protect farmers. These farmers are providing food produce for 55 million South Africans. Over 34 000 farmers have been affected by droughts, natural disasters and police uncertainty over the past year.

What About The Stats? 

During the 2017 parliamentary debate, farm brutality was described as “not normal criminality”, “fueled by hatred”, “extremely violent and often accompanied by brutal torturing in the most barbaric way”.

According to Afriforum’s latest stats, 156 commercial farmers are murdered per 100 000. There has been an increase in farm killings, making it 4.5% more likely that a commercial farmer is going to be murdered out of the South African population.

Just in the last six days, there have been eight attacks and two farm murders in the country.

Afriforum has also recorded that there have been 74 murders and 357 attacks on farms between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017.

Here’s What The Facts Say…

This graph below exposes the current increase in farm murders between 2010 and 2016.

farm murder and farm attack calendar - REVEALED: SA's Sickening Farm Murder Stats

In conjunction with the overall farm violence stats for the year, here are some facts surrounding farm murders.

  • The average age of the victims were 55 years old;
  • In 62% of the incidents, victims of the age of 51 and older were attacked;
  • In the 357 incidents which took place, more than 740 attackers were involved. There was an average of four attackers per incident;
  • Workers of the property formed part of the victims in 61 cases;
  • An attacker was wounded during an attack in 20 cases;
  • The most popular days for an attack to take place was Saturday, followed by Sunday, Friday and Thursday;
  • 13 farm incidents involved torture of the victims.

The Farming Issue Is Real!

This image depicts the farming atrocities that have taken place across the country.

SA MURDER MAP - REVEALED: SA's Sickening Farm Murder Stats

Although there were many incidents that occurred, Afriforum has highlighted the following incidents in their latest report:

May 2016

A 68-year-old man suffered a horrific attack at his home. The attackers forced a towel down his throat and then wrapped a wire around his neck to strangle him. He succumbed to his injuries and was found dead by authorities.

February 2017

In Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, Robert Lynn (66) and Sue Howarth (64), both British citizens, were attacked on their farm.

“Robert had various knife wounds on his back and legs and he was burnt on his feet, legs and stomach with a blow torch. The attackers left Robert in a field and Sue was found next to the road where she was still alive, with a plastic bag bound over her head. She died from her injuries in the hospital,” read the Afriforum report.

March 2017

In Gauteng, Mrs Niccy Simpson (64) from Kalbasfontein was assaulted during a six-hour long attack where she was burnt with an iron and a bag was pulled over her head in an attempt to try to smother her. Thereafter, her feet were impaled with an electrical drill and the attackers threatened to cut off her legs with a grinding machine.

These are just some of the incidents that have happened in the past year on farms around South Africa.

Don’t remain silent, wear black this Monday in support of ‘Black Monday’.

unnamed - REVEALED: SA's Sickening Farm Murder Stats

  • MamaM

    Wearing black! #SaveOurFarmers!!

  • Dante

    Talk to me when you have also done the stats of black people being killed like animals by white farmers .just last week a woman was raped by a farmers and nobody made a big deal abt it .

    • George Harris

      Does that make it ok? Is this really where we are at in this country; an eye-for-an-eye? isn’t it time we said none of this is ok? Neither white attacks on blacks, or blacks on whites should be tolerated. The bottom line is we need the farms and farmers – black and white. And farmers as well as farm workers need to know that they are safe.