All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance is cover for those personal items that mean the most to you. Have you ever considered what would happen if you are robbed in the street and they take your designer sunglasses or the watch that you had saved up for? Well, unfortunately, it happens every single day.

In 2017, there were over 20,000 muggings and robberies reported outside of the home. On average, more than 46 cars are hijacked a day and in most cases, personal possessions like mobile phones and jewellery are taken too.

What is considered under All Risk Insurance?

Think about all the items that you leave your home with; your mobile phone, tablet, handbag, laptop, bicycle, jewellery, that expensive leather jacket, camera, watches, glasses, sunglasses. Consider how much you actually have on you all day and work out just how much it would cost you to replace all of it should something happen.

Insuring these valuable items is quick, easy and surprisingly affordable.

What types of All Risk Insurance can you choose?

Unspecified All Risk Insurance

With unspecified All Risk Insurance, you will have broad cover for all of your personal possessions that you take out of the home. This means that if anything is stolen or goes missing that is of value, you can claim for it.

Specified All Risk Insurance

Specified All Risk Insurance is insurance which covers that one really important item of yours. Whether it be the watch that has been passed down through the family or your glasses that you simply wouldn’t be able to live without, you can cover it with affordable insurance today! Make sure your personal possessions are insured today!