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How Is Your Car Insurance Premium Calculated?

Some people may pay higher car insurance rates than others. Why? Let's take a look at how your premiums are calculated, and if there's anything you can do to lower them.
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  • Classic Car Insurance – What You Need To Know

    You don’t want your classic beauty spending all it’s time in the garage, do you? You want to show it off out there, and for that, you need the right insurance to protect it. Let's take a look at exactly how to insure a classic car.
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  • Black Friday – How The Madness Began

    Black Friday. Savings. Spendings. Stampedes. We took a look at the not-so-humble beginnings of everybody’s favourite shopping spree, and how we should prioritize our spending.
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  • Know Your Roadblock Rights

    With roadblock season fast approaching, it's important to know what your rights are, and what is expected of you, when pulled over by a traffic official. May they search you or your vehicle? May you film any unpleasant incidents? Do you absolutely have to stop? Let's take a look.
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  • Tips For Driving At Night

    Don't be fooled, driving at night is no simple task. With so many dangers lurking just beyond the next bend, here are a couple of handy tips for taking on the dark.
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  • How To Sell Your Car Privately

    To many, selling a car privately may seem like a daunting task. You're faced with frustrating queues and a mountain of paperwork, not to mention the possible risks involved in dealing with buyers you don't know. Here's everything you need to know, and keep an eye out for.
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  • South African Motorists Love Swearing

    Numerous studies have revealed that swearing, shouting and hurling insults at other drivers is our go-to coping mechanism when driving under stressful conditions. Here's how to curb that rage, and how to survive finding yourself on the receiving end of it!
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  • Top Reasons For A Flat Tyre

    A flat tyre always seems to come out of nowhere. In many cases, there isn't much we can do to stop them, but here are a few causes of flat tyres which we could be more aware, of and so, hopefully, avoid.
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  • Decoding Serious, Critical and Terminal Illness

    Many people don’t know the difference between serious, critical and terminal illness until they have it, or have to claim for it. Here’s a guide to prepare you.
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  • Common Insurance Myths Debunked

    Are insurance companies using your vehicle tracker to spy on you, or monitoring your social media? Does the colour of your car affect your premium? We took a look at some common insurance myths to set the record straight.
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  • November Fuel Price To Decrease

    It's been a bumpy month, full of speculation, but the Department of Energy has finally revealed the official fuel price for November. Mercifully, motorists are in for some reprieve at the pumps ahead of the Festive Season.
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  • Understanding Short-Term Insurance

    What is the difference between Short-Term and Long-Term Insurance? We put together a quick-and-easy guide to understanding what Short-Term Insurance covers, and how to get the best out of it.
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