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What To Do If You’re Caught Driving In a Flash Flood

Getting caught in a flash flood while driving is both terrifying and deadly. How do you escape a sinking vehicle alive, and how can you avoid this in the first place?
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  • Which SA City Has The Worst Traffic?

    TomTom's latest Traffic Index has revealed the cities with the highest levels of traffic congestion in the world. Where does South Africa place on the global list, and which SA city has the most soul-crushing traffic conditions of them all?
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  • Is It Unethical To Order Delivery During Bad Weather?

    We've all asked the question: Am I a terrible human being for ordering a pizza delivery during a storm? We spoke to Uber Eats in our quest for an answer.
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  • Crucial Road Safety Tips For Driving In Wet Conditions

    Heavy rain last week, particularly in Johannesburg, led to severe flooding, road closures and chaos. Though best to stay indoors during this kind of wet weather, we know that the roads aren't always avoidable. So, we put together some helpful road safety tips for when you’re forced to weather the storm.
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  • Why Do Traffic Jams Appear Out Of Nowhere?

    Does it sometimes seem as if traffic jams just appear out of nowhere? Believe it or not, but there's actually a science behind it, and apparently we've got nobody to blame but ourselves.
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  • SA's New Zero-Tolerance Drunk Driving Laws

    South Africa's strict new drunk driving laws may be in effect from as soon as June 2020, including a zero-tolerance 0% legal blood-alcohol limit, and far, far harsher punishments for those found guilty.
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  • Here's The Official (Decreased) Fuel Price For February!

    It was expected that users of diesel and illuminating paraffin would face a further tightening of the belt this month, but according to the latest reports from the Department of Energy, all South African motorists will mercifully enjoy considerable fuel price decreases. Let’s take a look.
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  • The Best And Worst Short-Term Insurers 2019

    We took a look at the latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index for Short-Term Insurance to find out what insurers have been doing wrong, where they can improve, and which short-term insurer emerged as the very best of the lot.
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  • These Are The Most Dangerous Situations On The Road

    From tyre blowouts to panic, mayhem and children, we highlighted some of the most dangerous situations you could encounter while driving, and offer expert advice on how to handle them.
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  • 6 Tips For Choosing The Right Building Insurance

    You’ve recently purchased or built a home, and in order to protect it, getting the right building insurance in place is the next big step. Here are a few tips for choosing the right insurance.
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  • Classic Cars – Which Is The Most Valuable?

    How do we determine value? What makes a classic car a smart investment, and what do you need to look for before purchasing?
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  • What To Do During A Cash-In-Transit Heist

    Out-and-about South Africans have been exposed to another surge in cash-in-transit heists occurring of late. Should the worst happen, and you happen to find yourself present at one of these horrific crimes, what can you do to remain safe?
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