Household Insurance

We all know the importance of making sure that your car has comprehensive insurance just in case you are involved in an accident or if it is stolen. But what about the contents of your home? Have you considered how much you would lose should you be robbed or in the event of a fire? Not only is building insurance (cover for the external structure of your home) vital for your home, but so is household content insurance. It is what is inside that makes your house a home after all!

Over 22,000 home burglaries and robberies were reported during the course of 2017. During these burglaries, the most common items stolen are televisions, hi-fi systems, latest tech, gadgets, gaming systems, laptops and tablets. Firearms, prescription medication, expensive tools, collectibles, bicycles and of course, jewellery is high on the list of burglars.

What Does Household Insurance Cover You Against?

Apart from burglaries, your home is also at risk of natural events like:

  • Fire
  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Lightning
  • Power surges

Who Does Household Content Insurance Apply to?

It doesn’t matter whether you are renting or a homeowner, you can take out household content insurance to cover your valuable possessions today! Whether it’s an apartment you’re renting or a complex, house content cover protects all the possessions which are yours.

How Do I Apply?

Finding the right short term insurance can take time, which you might not have. CompareGuru will help you find comparable quotes that are tailored specifically to your needs. By submitting your ID number and contact details, we can make sure that you get the most affordable household insurance today.

Did you know you can combine home and car insurance and save on your premiums today?