Funeral Insurance

The cost of a dignified funeral could place significant financial strain upon you or your family in the event of death. Funeral Cover reduces that burden, and allows you to honour the memory of that person, unencumbered.

Death comes to us all. We may not like to think about it much, but the reality is that at one point or another we all lose our loved ones and that we, ourselves, will also pass away. Sometimes we will be afforded the opportunity to plan for this event, and at other times it is both tragic and unexpected.

Death, after all, could arrive in any form and at any time.

Having the right Funeral Cover in place allows us to grieve the loss of our loved ones and arrange a dignified funeral for them without the sudden financial burden to worry about.

Funeral Cover ensures that a lump sum is paid out upon the death of the insured person. This allows the beneficiary – often a spouse or a family member – to cover all necessary costs.

Certain insurance providers also offer additional benefits during this trying time, such as assistance with funeral arrangements and even trauma counselling for the family.

We can’t predict how or when we are going to pass away, but we can ensure that the people we leave behind are not overly burdened while bereaved.

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