Life Insurance

Losing a loved is one of the worst things one can go through in life. Grief is often heightened by the task of having to organise a funeral and wrap up everything of that person’s life. No-one wants to deal with tricky financial situations while grieving for the person whom they have just lost.

Life insurance is that necessary cover for a person and their family in the event that the worst happens. Life insurance premiums are affordable monthly deductions that ensure that loved ones are covered in the event of death, serious illness or disability.

Should the breadwinner not be able to earn a salary, funds are set aside in the form of life insurance for the family to carry on living a comfortable life. Life insurance can cover the education, medical expenses, businesses operations or day to day life of those left behind. It can also cover the possible debt that the deceased may have left so that the family are not left in the lurch.

What is the Difference Between Life Insurance and Funeral Cover?

You never know when the worst is going to happen. You could pass away tomorrow and leave your family to cover the unexpected expense of a funeral. Funeral cover will make sure that the costs of your funeral will be covered to ensure that your family do not incur those costs. Funeral insurance can cover yourself, your spouse, children or extended family members, depending on your chosen cover!

Life Insurance, on the other hand is a set amount of money that your family will receive should you pass away. This lump sum will make sure that the loss of your income will not have as much of an effect on their day to day lives. Whether it be ensuring that your children's education, medical expenses or just day to day life is covered, this insurance makes sure that they continue living their lives.

This cover can also cover you should you be diagnosed with a serious illness or face disability. If your monthly salary is being threatened due to life taking an unexpected turn, this is the kind of cover that you will need to continue living.

Who is Covered in Life Insurance?

You can choose who to cover in your policy. It can be yourself, your spouse, children, parents or even extended family. You can choose the insurance provider that meets your needs and suits your budget. If affordable life insurance.

What is Covered in Life Insurance?

If financial security is important for you and your family, affordable life insurance is a must-have! You can compare quotes and benefits of various insurance providers and choose a provider that suits your needs. If a combination of life and funeral insurance is what you are looking for, we can point you in the right direction.

If you simply want to make sure that your family don’t take on your financial strains that you leave behind, there is an affordable option for you. You can compare quotes here.