10 Survival Kit Must-Haves For Your Office Return

Getting ready to get back into the office after the holidays can be difficult. Check out our office survival kit to help you ease back in.
Melissa Cohen
The struggle of getting back into routine after the holiday season is real. Going back to work can be a very depressing and anxiety-filled time for many employees. Here is a list of things to get you through your first day back at the office with a smile on your face.

1. Chewing Gum/ Mints

This is an office must-have and will get you through the times when you get a bad taste in your mouth. Not only will you have fresh breath, but you can make friends with other colleagues by sharing your stash. Just don't chew gum too much as it is bad for your stomach.

2. Stress Ball

Feeling drained and stressed out already? Get yourself something to play with to release stress and keep your hands pre-occupied. Nowadays, stress balls are seen as being 'old school' with the invention of fidget cubes and fidget spinners. If you don't feel like spending too much money on a stress reliever, why not get yourself some bubble wrap. This will keep you busy for hours- just make sure the popping isn't a bother to your colleagues.

3. Headphones

These are essential in order to ensure that you keep calm and ease into the workplace smoothly. Whether it be headphones or earphones, make sure you have them on you at all times. Listening to music while you work is not only soothing, but it can help block out any background office noise.

4. Dental Floss

There's nothing worse then chatting to someone at the coffee machine when you have a big piece of spinach wedged between your digits. Worse than that, is finding out that you have had something in your teeth the entire day! Dental floss or toothpicks are essential items to have in your desk drawer at all times. This will make sure that you don't embarrass yourself on your first day back!

5. Hand Sanitizer

The office environment is a big breeder of germs and viruses so best you come prepared. No one wants to start the new year off by getting sick. Hand sanitizer is a definite must for the office environment. Although there are soap dispensers in the bathrooms, some people choose not to use them. This causes a spread of germs and diseases. Best would be to sanitize regularly.


6. Snacks

After a long break away from the office, getting back into the vibe might be a bit tough. Having some of your favourite snacks at hand could pep you up when your energy takes a dip. Stock up on some high energy snacks like nuts and raisins or energy bars to get you through your first day. This will keep you in a happy place as you get back into the swing of things.

7. Immune Booster

There really is nothing worse than going back to work and getting sick. As many people may have travelled abroad, there are various viruses in the air. Not only that, but the air conditioning is a big germ spreading machine. Best stay protected and get yourself some immune booster effervescent tables to keep in your drawer.

8. Motivation Jar

Start the year off with a bit of motivation for you and your colleagues. Get a jar and print out some motivational quotes. Fold them up and put them in a jar and each day, pull out a motivational message and read it to your colleagues.

9. Tissues

You never know when a tissue will come in handy and when the communal bathroom is out of paper towel. Keep a box of tissues on your desk, instead of having to walk around the office. If you don't feel like sharing, then get a small, pocket size packet of tissues to keep in your drawer.

10. A Smile

Get a smile on your face and the days will definitely get easier. Whether it be bringing a joke book to the office and telling some jokes between your colleagues, or giving someone a compliment, this will lighten the mood. We have told you our tips on surviving the office- now tell us yours.

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