And The 2018 Car Of The Year Finalists Are…

What car do you drive? Has it made it onto the Top 10 Car of the Year finalists list? We give you a breakdown of SA’s top vehicles.
Melissa Cohen
For the fifth month in a row, South Africa's new car sales have increased by 4.6% year-on-year.The Ford Ranger was named as the best-selling vehicle of October 2017, with 2 855 units sold. The South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ) have recently announced the 2018 WesBank South African Car of the Year (COTY) finalists. We have all the details on the finalists and their current rankings. Take a look...
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SA's Greatest Hits

Last month there was a whopping 51 037 new vehicles sold in South Africa.  This is an improvement from last year's 48 782 sales. Do you want to know what the top-selling car brands for October were? Well we have you covered.
Car Brand Total Sales For October 2017
1. Toyota 12 312
2. Volkswagen 7 898
3. Ford 6 337
4. Nissan 4 858
5. Hyundai 3 464
Here are the most popular vehicles sold in October:
Vehicle Model Units Sold
1. Ford Ranger 2 855
2. VW Polo Vivo 2 851
3. Toyota Hilux 2 483
4. Toyota Corolla 2 135
5. Toyota Etios 2 059

Car Of The Year Finalists 2018

A 26-member jury sit together and deliberate which car will take the title for 2018. The SAGMJ said, "while all finalist vehicles represent examples of outstanding automotive engineering, there can be only one winner. After careful deliberation by the COTY Jury, the vehicle range that best represents automotive excellence when compared to its segment peers, will be crowned the 2018 South African Car of the Year." Vehicles are judged on their quality, appeal, innovation and design. This competition is not judged on the number vehicles sold. If this was the case, a bakkie and a hatchback would be the only two competitors. Here are the finalists who are competing...

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo falls under the Fiat Group and have sold 130 units of new vehicles last month. According to OEM's September new car sales report, there was only three Guilias sold.
Positives Negatives
This is a beautiful, luxurious sedan that easily outdoes its rivals.  Although the exterior features are top- notch, some of the interior extras can be compared to their competitors.

Audi Q5

Last month, Audi , which falls under the Volkswagen group, sold 7 898 units. In September, there were 135 Audi Q5 units sold.
Positives Negatives
This vehicle does not only have a beautiful exterior, but long distance travelling is smooth and easy in this tank.  It's really not the most affordable SUV in its class, once you add on all the trimmings.

BMW 5 Series

During the month of October, there were 1 341 units sold. According to OEM's report however, there were 1 664 units sold the previous month.
Positives Negatives
This vehicle is equipped with a great engine and suspension, not to mention a great revamp of the iDrive system. The body is a typical BMW sedan which could easily be compared to other luxury sedans in its class.

Kia Picanto

In total, Kia dealership sold a total of 2 219 units during the month of October. The previous month, 970 Kia Picanto models were sold.
Positives Negatives
The Kia Picanto is a combination of a nippy hatchback and a classy ride with great ergonomics and infotainment. Other vehicles in its class, such as the Hyundai Grand i10 are equipped with better safety features.
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Land Rover Discovery

In September, there were 96 Land Rover Discovery vehicles sold nationwide. Last month, Land Rover sold 537 different vehicles.
Positives Negatives
The Land Rover Discovery handles the on-road and off-road really impressively. It really is just way too expensive. There are other comparable vehicles that are cheaper.

Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot group sold 73 units last month, with a total of 37 Peugeot 3008 units sold in September.
Positives Negatives
The Peugeot 3008 boasts a small capacity turbo-charged engine as well as a six speed- automatic transmission. Although the interior cabin is great, the roof is very low. If you are tall, the chances are that your head will hit the roof.

Porsche Panamera

Last month, the OEM reported recorded that the Porsche group sold 90 units.
Positives Negatives
The sheer size of this sports car is one of a kind. It can fit four people and has a big space for shopping bags and luggage. The vehicle is rather expensive and it lacks aesthetic appeal for its price.

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki sold a total of 917 units last month, however in September, there were 118 units sold.
Positives Negatives
This is one of the most affordable off-road vehicles currently available. It has a really small engine for a car of its size, so if speed is what you are looking for, this isn't the car.

Toyota C-HR

According to last month's stats, Toyota was the best-selling vehicle manufacturer in the country. There were approximately 80 C-HRs sold in September.
Positives Negatives
This crossover vehicle is aesthetically bold and a great vehicle for weekend getaway trips. The boot space is quite small and this is a manual 1.2 turbo, however it takes a while to pick up speed.

Volvo S90

OEM's report states that 124 Volvo units were sold last month. In September however, 17 S90 units were sold.
Positives Negatives
A sleek looking exterior and driving comfort at its best. The heavy body is equipped with an fuel emission reduction, however it is very heavy on fuel.
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