3 Risky Behaviours That Increase Life Insurance Premiums

We share three risky behaviours that increase your life insurance premium.
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Life Insurance Life insurance is vital to ensure the financial well being of your family in the event of your death, however, there are a few risky behaviours you can avoid to lower your monthly life insurance premium. 1. You become a high-risk client for a life insurance company if you are a smoker, however, the same increase in premiums would apply if you have used ANY tobacco products in the past five years. 2. Your adventurous side will lead to increased premiums as well, dangerous jobs or hobbies become high-risk factors in your risk profile. 3. If you have a history of drug or alcohol dependency, you will have a higher premium. Although it may be tempting to omit a few of your more exciting lifestyle details, you need to be completely honest and include it in your medical history, otherwise you can invalidate your life insurance policy. ┬ęDiane Moalem for Compare Guru