5 Car Gadget Must-Haves To Buy This Christmas

Instead of the conventional present, why not invest in some really nifty gadgets for your car. Here’s some of our favourite accessories.
Melissa Cohen
With Christmas fast approaching and the festive season in full swing, gift giving is on everyone's to-do list. Do you want another pair of socks, or another body product? The go-to gifts aren't always the best ones. Why not use this gifting opportunity to pimp your ride? We have five gadgets that will make driving in the December traffic just that much better. Here's what we found...
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1. The Garmin Dashcam 65W

This device is currently trending abroad with it only becoming popular in South Africa recently. This nifty device is mounted on your dashboard. Not only does it shoot excellent footage of your driving journeys, but it might actually assist in the event of an accident. The front camera will help determine who is responsible in the event of a crash. Not only this, but many of the dashcam devices have a built in GPS system with incident detection that saves footage to show the place and time the incident occurred. The Garmin Dashcam 65W has a voice activator, that allows the driver to keep their hands on the wheel while saving and recording videos and images. The camera also provides users with a 180 degree field of view so that you can get the perfect surround view of the environment. *For more information, or to purchase a the Garmin Dashcam 65W, click here.

2. Radar Detector

This compact device could save you hundreds of rands. The radar detector is a device that detects speed cameras in close proximity. The device has a built-in GPS system that picks up the driver's location. Once the location is detected, a voice will alert the driver of any possible speed cameras in the vicinity. Not only this, but the detector will also tell you what type of camera it is. This device is roughly $300 on Amazon, but South Africans can buy it locally for under R1 000! Although it might sound a little pricey for a small device, it might save you lots of money in the future! *For more information, or to purchase a radar detector, click here.

3. Blind Spot Mirrors

These little mirrors that can be stuck onto your side mirrors can make all the difference. The blind spot mirrors make a great gift that could accessorize your ride as well as prevent any accidents or unwanted vender-benders. The great thing is that blind spot mirrors are manufactured in a universal size, so you can take them off your old car and put them on a new one. These mirrors are waterproof, rust resistant and they won't haze due to the elements. This really is a must-have accessory for any vehicle. *To purchase blind spot mirrors, click here.

4. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

All you need is a car lighter and you will be able to stop a severe accident before it happens. The tire pressure monitoring system includes four small sensors that click directly onto each tire. One the sensors are clipped, all you need to do is plug the monitoring display device into your cigarette lighter slot. The display provide you with your tire pressure in real time. This will ensure that you aren't caught with a flat too late. The display shows each tire and its pressure, and they device turns off after ten minutes of the vehicle turning off. The sensors will start up automatically once you start driving, ensuring that you always get the latest pressure readings. *To purchase a tire pressure monitoring system, click here.

5. Anti Sleep Alarm

If you enjoy road tripping around the country, or drive long distances for work, falling asleep behind the wheel is a reality. Developers have now designed a small device which fits behind the driver's right ear. If the driver's head nods down, a sensor will detect this movement. Thereafter, an alarm will sound in the driver's ear. This device could save your life if you happen to accidentally fall asleep behind the wheel. Not only is this device great for drivers, but students can also wear it when they study to ensure great posture while studying. *For more information, or to purchase an anti sleep alarm, click here.