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5 Top Pet Daycare Centres And Hotels In South Africa

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-08-28
Are you looking for a home away from home for your pet when you go away? We have compiled a list of pet daycare centres and hotels.
As furbaby parents, you always want to ensure that your four legged child is comfy. Whether you have to drop your pet off for the day due to work, or maybe you find yourself going on vacation. Sometimes it's not always about the money, and rather knowing that your furry friend is happy and doesn't feel abandoned. We did some research and found some pet motel options to suit the pocket and ensure pet happiness.

1.@Frits Dog Hotel And Daycare  

This hotel specially caters to every doggie's needs. Located in the centre of town in Cape Town, this hotel experience is really next level. It's definitely a bit OTT (over the top) but if your pets are your children, then only the best will do.


Hotel - This allows owners to drop their pooches off for an overnight stay or an extended period of time. There are three different room options. Yup, you read right... THREE.  All the options include free daycare, 45 minute walk in De Waal dog park, group sessions, regular potty breaks and a Webcam feature so you can keep an eye on your dog.
  • Dormitory - This is the low end, budget dog residence. Your dog will share an open space with a bunch of other fury critters. Click here for price.
  • Deluxe Suites - These individually themed private suites are perfect for the very spoilt pooch. Equipped with a luxurious bed with all the frills, this might seem a bit ridiculous to some. Click here for price.
  • Platinum Suites - This is really just next level. It's the type of service us humans wish we could afford! An individual suite that is fit for any rich b#$*h! Click here for price.
Daycare - Owners can bring their pups for the day to visit the hotel. They will be walked and given tons of attention while mom and dad are at work. The daycare times are 6am until 6pm daily. Nightcare - This is perfect for parents who are big night 'jollers'. If you find yourself constantly looking for petsitters, this feature takes care of that. The nightcare times are from 6pm until 12am. Salon & Spa - Yup there is an onsite pamper pad for your pooches. You can book your pets for various treatments, all at a price of course. Vet - There is also a pet doctor on call in case your pooch finds itself in need of medical assistance. Clothing Store - Dress your fluff ball to impress those other critters. This store has interesting attire to suit your likes. *For more information click here.
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2. Zimzala K9 Hotel

This hotel is perfect for the dogs that enjoy the outdoors. The Zimzala K9 Hotel is located outside of Stellenbosch in Cape Town. With lush green lawns and forest walks included, this is definitely for social doggies that love roaming free. This place is less about the frills and rather about enjoying the environment.


There are 17 spacious rooms on the property. Ten of the rooms lead outside to their own outdoor grass area where they can socialize with their neighbours through a fence. Each night, special canine music is heard sweeping through all the rooms to keep your pooch happy and calm. There are also two private rooms that lead out on to a massive patch of lawn. This option is for the dog that prefers a bit of privacy. All doggies get to enjoy playtime with their friends on the lawn and are taken for daily walks through the forest to enjoy a bit of adventure. Zimzala Hotel also offers a grooming service as well as an onsite training "K9 Bootcamp" for the misbehaved pets. If you don't want your pooch to sleep over, there is a doggy daycare option where you can drop an fetch your baby before heading home. *For more information click here.

3. Sunshine Pet Resort

This pet resort is located just outside of Cape Town close to Stellenbosch. This resort is another perfect spot for pets that enjoy the outdoors because with 6 hectares of land available to roam - what could be better? The cool thing about this place is that it is able to house not only dogs, but also cats and birds in suitable rooms.


Sunshine Pet Resort caters for the busy human on the run who needs to know that their pet is being looked after. This place offers exercise time for all the animals as well as individual walking sessions. Operating Hours: Monday through Friday: 9am - 11am and 2pm - 4pm. Saturday and Sunday: 3pm - 4pm or by arrangement. *For more information click here.
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4. Must Love Dogs 

This 'emporium' as it is called, is another attempt at creating an unconventional doggie dream. It is however a very limited hotel as it only accommodates small pooches. This dreamland is located in Chartwell in Johannesburg. The brightly coloured chalets are just right for your fluffy to settle down after a tough day of bum sniffing and bird chasing.


This hotel features variations of rooms- the one for the small doggie that enjoys just 'chilling', while the other room is for the doggie that prefers a bit more space. The different suites are the following:
  • Petite Suites
  • Premium Suites
  • Penthouse Suites
  • The Bubble Gum Suite
According to the website, "MLD offers high-end food options, treats and exclusive extras on request which we came up with to make your little ones stay even more magical and amazing."  There is also a Webcam feature for mommies and daddies to watch their children when they engage with friends. A little pamper never hurt anyone, so there are a variety of spa treatments available for your canine. *For more information, click here.

5. Paws Resort

Located in Midrand Johannesburg, this pup paradise provides a home for up to 40 different doggies. There is also a large cattery for you to bring your feline friends to mingle with the crowd. A variety of spacious chalets are a 'home away from home' for your dog when you are out of town or at work.


There are two different types of living quarters:
  • Luxury Chalets consist of a spacious wendy-house type kennel situated in a large, grassed garden.
  • The Regular Garden Kennels consist of green plastic igloo type kennels appropriate to number and size of dogs in your family.  These are also situated in a large, grassed garden.
Your pets are fed twice a day as well as a daily walk around the huge plot. There is also small kiddies pools available if its hot for the dogs that enjoy a little splash about. Paws Resort also provides a pet travel clinic that makes immigration with your fur ball a whole lot easier and less traumatic. *For more information, click here.

Going On Holiday? Want To Take Your Pet With You? 

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