Apply For Your Smart ID Card At Your Local Bank

Have you got a new Smart ID Card yet? Now you can apply for your new ID at your nearest bank branch. We have all the details. Take a look.
Published: Wednesday, January 10th 2018
Late last year a rumour speculating that the green ID book was no longer accepted surfaced. This was later confirmed as a hoax. Although the green ID book accepted, the new ID Smart Card is the updated version of the original green book. The Department of Home Affairs has just released a list of local banks where the public can apply for these cards.
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What Is A Smart ID Card?

This credit card size identification card has security features comparable to that of IDs in Europe and America. The Department Of Home Affairs, despite last year's rumours, is trying to phase out the green book ID. The Smart ID Card has been around since July 2013, with the department's aim being to combat identity fraud. The card has the following security features:
  • Holograms, laser engraving and personal details which provide visual verification of the card and easily identified cards can be found on the front;
  • Fingerprint bio-metrics and biographic data is embedded on the 80 kilobytes card chip;
  • The card has been made for two types of names. Type A is for people with regular names and surnames while Type B is for people with longer length names and surnames.
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How Do I Apply For This Card? 

Applying for a Smart ID Card is now a whole lot easier. Members of the public can either go into the 180 department branches. If this sounds like a mission, local banks are starting to take applications for new identification cards. The aim is to alleviate the long queues at the Home Affair branches. You can now apply for both, your ID and your passport at the bank. Local banks, Nedbank, Standard Bank, First National Bank and ABSA have partnered with the department to provide an easier alternative. The table below shows the current branches that provide application for the new identity card:
Bank Branch City Branch Address
ABSA Centurion Lifestyle Centurion Centurion Lifestyle Centre, c/o Old Johannesburg Road & Lenchen Ave
ABSA Towers North Johannesburg 180 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg
ABSA Ghandi Square Johannesburg Ghandi Square, Johannesburg
FNB President Street West Johannesburg 47 Pixley Ka Isaka Seme (Sauer) St, Johannesburg
FNB Lynnwood Pretoria Grove Shopping Mall
FNB Merchant Place Johannesburg 4 Merchant Place, Cnr Rivonia Road and Fredman Drive
FNB Centurion Lifestyle Centurion Centurion Lifestyle Centre, c/o Old Johannesburg Road & Lenchen Ave
Nedbank Sandown Johannesburg 135 Rivonia Road (c/o Rivonia and Maude Street)
Nedbank Lakeview, Roodepoort Johannesburg 16 Constantia Drive
Standard Bank Centurion Centurion Standard Bank Building, 1263 Embankment Rd
Standard Bank Killarney, Rosebank Johannesburg Killarney Mall, c/o Riviera Road and Killarney Ave
Standard Bank Canal Walk Cape Town Shop 599LL, Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Century City Dr
  Alternatively, you can apply online to the Department of Home Affairs. *For more information or to apply online, you can click here.

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