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And The Best Data Deals For 2018 Are…

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2018-01-15
Are exorbitant data prices putting you out of pocket? We take a look at this year’s the best data deals in South Africa.
With the new year upon us, so too come new data deal prices. Last year, #DataMustFall was one of the social media campaigns that trended almost all year round. South Africans have been up in arms against the ridiculous data rates that service providers charge users. Although this has gotten a lot of publicity, not much has changed. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa(Icasa) lodged an inquiry into local service providers' exorbitant rates. This has put pressure on local providers to cut costs where they can. Last year. providers such as MTN and Vodacom chose to cut the Out-Of-Bundle Rates. So who is currently at the forefront with the best data deals? We find out.
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Who Has The Best Data Deal For 2018? 

We did a bit of research and have compiled a table featuring the four most popular service providers in South Africa- Vodacom, Cell C, MTN and Telkom. Since last year's data bundle article, providers have added a few addition data options that can be seen in the table below. The data prices are on the average data bundle that is valid for 30 days. The rates are the current rates, however they are subject to change. Cell C has, in fact, announced that they will be increasing their rates on Feburary 1. So here it is, the best(and worst) data deals our service providers have to offer for 2018:

The Out-Of-Bundle Saga Continues

What many people don't know is that if their data bundle runs out and they don't recharge, they will be charged OOB rates. These rates are a lot more than the in-bundle rates that are normally charged when you purchase a data bundle. Last year, MTN and Vodacom came under fire for their over-priced rates. Both companies reduced their fees, however they are still quite expensive.
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The table below explores the current out-of-bundle rates:
Network Providers Out-Of-Bundle Data Prices for Prepaid/ Top-Up (per MB) Out-Of-Bundle Data Prices for Contracts (per MB)
Vodacom 99c  89c
MTN 29c (for 5MB or less) 60c (over 5MB) 29c (for 5MB or less) 60c (over 5MB)
Cell C 15c R1.10
Telkom  29c  75c
  CompareGuru contacted the service providers to find out if customers could expect any increases this year. Vodacom and Telkom confirmed that prices will remain the same for now. Cell C confirmed that they will have a price increase on their WatsApp bundle package from R12 to R15 on Feburary 1. MTN has yet to confirm any price increases.
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