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Cape Town Could Pay More for Water And Electricity!

Author: Sherryn de Vos
Date: 2017-04-11
The City of Cape Town is proposing an increase in fees for basic services including a R246 base fee; whether you are home or away!
As if South Africans haven’t had enough bad news already when it comes to our hard-earned cash, a new bombshell has just been dropped! The City of Cape Town has just advertised its proposed amendments to its service fees. Should these amendments be approved, your municipal bill could be almost doubled in certain cases. The increases will affect the cost of water, as well as basic electricity. Many are speculating that the water hikes are due to the water crisis that the province is currently experiencing.

You Will No Longer Get Free Water

Until now, each household has been getting six kiloliters of water for free each month. Each household has also not been charged for the management of 4.2kl of sewerage. With the proposed amendment, this will fall away. Sewerage will now drop to only 1kl and each household will pay for every drop of water used.

Electricity Will Start At R246 p/m

A service fee for electricity has also been proposed. Every residential property, over the value of R1 million, will now be paying a Home User Tariff of R8.21 a day. This translates into R246 a month, which you will need to pay whether you are home or not! Any electricity used during the month will then simply be added on top of that. The fee has been proposed due to the fact that the City has been experiencing a dip in income. This is due to households becoming more energy efficient and many dropping off the grid completely. The fee will need to be implemented to pay for general maintenance, upgrading and growing the city’s electricity supply network.

The Proposal Is Open for Comment

Should this be approved, the new fee structure will be implemented from 1 July 2017. The proposals are currently open for comment, which can be addressed at You can also view the proposal and leave comments on their site here It might not be too late to stop even more money being syphoned out of your pocket during the course of 2017.

See The List Of Changes Below:

Service Units / Amount 2016 /17 Tariff incl Vat per kl Units / Amount 2017 /18 Tariff incl Vat per kl
Water Domestic (non – indigent) Per month   Per month  
Step 1 Less than 6 kls R 0.00 0 -6kl R4.56
Step 2 6 – 10.5kls R15.68 6 – 10.5kls R17.75
Step 3 10.5kls – 20kl R20.02 10.5kls – 20kl R24.93
Step 4 20kl – 35kl R32.65 20kl – 35kl R41.53
Step 5 35kl – 50kl R49.83 35kl – 50kl R70.29
Step 6 Above 50kl R93.39 Above 50kl R238.59
Sanitation Domestic (non – indigent) Per month    Per month  
Step 1 0 – 4.2kl R0.00 0 – 4.2kl R4.39
Step 2 4.2kl – 7.35kl R13.24 4.2kl – 7.35kl R14.98
Step 3 7.35kl -14kl R23.39 7.35kl -14kl R29.10
Step 4 14kl – 24.5kl R28.15 14kl – 24.5kl R39.17
Step 5 24.5kl – 35kl R36.48 24.5kl – 35kl R51.51
Electricity Per month   Per month   
Lifeline (subsidized tariff for qualifying customers who use less than 450kwhs) Block 1: 0- 350kWhs (60 free kWhs) R1.10 Block 1: 0- 350kWhs R1.16
Block 2: 350 + (25 free kWhs under 450kWhs per month) R3.06 Block 2: 350 + R2.34
Domestic   Block 1: 0- 600kWhs R1.87 Block 1: 0- 600kWhs R1.92
Block 2: 600kWhs + R2.28 Block 2: 600kWhs + R2.34
Home User   Properties over R1million. Daily service fee Daily service fee R8.21
Block 1: 0- 600kWhs Block 1: 0- 600kWhs R1.51
Block 2: 600kWhs + Block 2: 600kWhs + R2.34
Solid Waste 240 ltr bin R1.28 240 ltr bin R1.36

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