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Chrome Vs. Edge Vs. Safari…Which Browser Is Best?

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-01-26
Browsers have become apart of our everyday lives, but which one is the best? We take a look at the features of the top 3 of 2016.
When you buy a new laptop or desktop, you only have one way to connect to the internet and that's via the pre-installed browser on your new device. If you're using a Windows machine, the the browser is either Microsoft's new Edge browser (or Internet Explorer) or, in the case of an Apple device, it's Safari. You might not be a fan of the default browser, which means that you'll want to download and install a new one. But, which one is best? broadband_article_banner

The Most Popular Browsers Of 2016

According to, these are the most popular browsers of 2016:
2016 Chrome IE Firefox Safari Opera
December 73.7 % 4.8 % 15.5 % 3.5 % 1.1 %
November 73.8 % 5.2 % 15.3 % 3.5 % 1.1 %
October 73.0 % 5.2 % 15.7 % 3.6 % 1.1 %
September 72.5 % 5.3 % 16.3 % 3.5 % 1.0 %
August 72.4 % 5.2 % 16.8 % 3.2 % 1.1 %
July 71.9 % 5.2 % 17.1 % 3.2 % 1.1 %
June 71.7 % 5.6 % 17.0 % 3.3 % 1.1 %
May 71.4 % 5.7 % 16.9 % 3.6 % 1.2 %
April 70.4 % 5.8 % 17.5 % 3.7 % 1.3 %
March 69.9 % 6.1 % 17.8 % 3.6 % 1.3 %
February 69.0 % 6.2 % 18.6 % 3.7 % 1.3 %
January 68.4 % 6.2 % 18.8 % 3.7 % 1.4 %

Chrome Vs. Edge Vs. Safari...Which Browser Is Best?


According to Google, in November 2016, Chrome had been downloaded to two billion devices across the globe. Part of the appeal of Google's Chrome browser is its clean, no fuss design. Other reason includes the fact that it works across platforms and operating systems, and it's stable. It also has quite a large number of extensions, which can be added to it. This makes it even more personalised and more useful than many other browsers currently available. Chrome can also sync your tabs and browsing history across devices. This provided you're signed in to the same Google account on the devices. You can also get themes, browse in incognito mode, cast your web browsing to a different screen, and set up a guest browsing profile on the browser. Chrome has previously been known as a RAM heavy browser. But, as of the 6th December 2016, the team behind the Chrome browser have updated it to utilise less RAM. To download Chrome for your computer, click here.


Microsoft's newest browser, Edge, resembles Internet Explorer 11. This is a smart move on Microsoft's part as they attempt to persuade people to move away from the beleaguered Internet Explorer. Edge has a cleaner, more minimalistic design than Microsoft's previous browser's. It also has smaller borders and fewer icons than Internet Explorer. There's an address search bar which runs across the top of the page, along with a few icons for some of the browser's headline features. These include markups, a reading view, and Cortana - Microsoft’s answer to Siri. If your new laptop or desktop is running Windows 10, then Edge is the standard web browser you'll see, unless you download something else. And, as with Apple's Safari browser, it has integration with many of the Windows' features and apps. Including Outlook and, of course, Cortana. Some of the interesting features of Edge include the fact that it allows you to write directly on a website page. Similar to writing on a set of printed notes. There is also a Hub feature, which brings one click access to downloaded content, things you've favourited, and your reading list. To download Microsoft Edge, click here.


Apple's default browser, Safari, has not been a favourite of many people. Thanks to recent updates though, the browser has seen improvements and has become sleeker and easier to use. This while retaining its familiarity for long time users of the browser. The newest versions of Safari offer the address search bar hybrid that many of us are used to in other browsers. Recent updates also include a share icon on the righthand side of the search field. This serves as a way to bookmark pages, post to your social networks, and share web pages via Apple's native platforms, like iMessage and Mail. There's also an optional sidebar which gives you quick access to your bookmarks, social media shares, and a reading list that syncs with iOS, and even works offline. To download Safari, click here.

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