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Is Coffee The New Petrol In London?

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-11-28
Coffee is the new petrol in London. This comes after a bio-fuel company turned coffee grounds into petrol. And this is not a hoax!
With the price of petrol on the increase worldwide, London has launched an interesting petrol alternative. Used coffee grounds are being used to power London buses around the city. London is best known for their buses which will now be running on new energy sources. This will curb carbon emissions and decrease London's excessive pollution. We have the lowdown on this new energy source that could make driving a whole lot cheaper and eco-friendly.
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How Does This Work? 

Global bio-technology company, Bio-Bean has partnered with Shell to transform used coffee grounds into a viable source of energy.  This bio -fuel is safe on the environment and is mixed into diesel. The company has currently produced 6 000 litres of coffee oil.  This is enough coffee oil to power one bus for a year. According to the New York Times, London buses use on average, 240 million litres of diesel a year. According to Bio Bean's founder, Arthur Kay, this is a new and exciting shift into environmentally friendly products that have been recycled.
"It's a great example of what can be done when we start to re-imagine waste as an untapped source."
Bio Bean goes around to local coffee shops and restaurants to collect their used grounds. The company converts the sludge into oil and mixes it with diesel. The Transport for London has announced that items such as cooking oil are being used as bio-fuel in buses.

London And Coffee

On average, Londoners drink 2.3 cups of coffee per day. This amounts to over 200 000 tons of used coffee grounds per day. The Transport for London is all for bio-fuels and the number of bio-fuel powered vehicles is set to increase in the coming years. Currently, a sixth of London buses are powered by hybrid engines and there are plans to convert 300 single-deck buses to run solely on electricity. In London, the lower the vehicle's emissions, the less vehicle tax you are required to pay. According to London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, London's pollution is causing illness.
"Roughly speaking, more than 9,000 Londoners die prematurely because of the poor-quality air," explains Khan.
London has a Toxicity Charge, or a T-Charge, that motorists are required to pay if their vehicles produce a high level of carbon emissions. This charge is about $13 per day and this is over and above the driver congestion levies that drivers pay. If coffee fuel really works, Londoners can expect to pay less for their taxes and more for their lattes!
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