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How Effective Is Your Vehicle Tracker?

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-07-12
South Africa has one of the highest hi-jacking rates in the world. Do you have a vehicle tracker and how effective is it?
On June 28, two men were shot and killed in Pinelands.  Before the incident, the gunmen had allegedly planted a tracking device in the vehicle to track the vehicle’s movements. The gunmen then proceeded to shoot the victims in a gang-related attack. Thereafter, they removed the tracker and fled the scene. The question is then, how safe are you, even if you have a vehicle tracking device?

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Are Trackers Effective?

Vehicle tracking has been put in the spotlight due to the terrifying crime stats plaguing the country. Over 1400 hijackings take place in South Africa every month. Vehicle tracking devices were once seen as a ‘want’, however, nowadays it has become a necessity. The tracker device can be fitted to all vehicles and is connected to a control room that receives alerts if the vehicle has been forcefully moved. Tracker SA's Ron Knott-Craig emphasizes just how effective a tracking system is. "With over 82 000 recoveries and more than 16 000 arrests we are also the only tracking company to have a formal partnership with the SAPS," explains Knott-Craig.

Vehicle Tracking Vs. Vehicle Recovery

When people refer to a vehicle tracking device, most of the time they don’t specify as to whether it is for tracking or recovering their vehicle. Here is the difference:

Vehicle Tracking

A vehicle tracking system uses a GPS system to pinpoint the location of the vehicle and monitors its movement. With a variety of tracking solution companies in South Africa, each of these companies may offer additional features for tracking a stolen vehicle.

Vehicle Recovery

The idea behind vehicle recovery is that a Radio Frequency device equipped with a GPS system is loaded into your vehicle. The number of activations can vary from month to month which in turn affects the number of recoveries we are able to make. In any given month we have over 1000 recovery activities.” explains Knott-Craig.  So if your vehicle has been stolen or hijacked, you are required to alert your tracking company and they will track and recover your vehicle.

Will It Reduce Your Premium?

Yes, it will reduce the amount you are paying for insurance.  According to Outsurance, customers who have vehicle tracking devices fitted to their vehicles are entitled to lower premiums. Having a vehicle tracking device fitted to your vehicle is seen as a security measure and, because of this, your insurance company will reward you with a lower insurance premium.

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Insurance Companies That Provide Trackers Or Require Trackers

Discovery Insure

Discovery Insure offers its clients the opportunity to purchase a DQ- Track. This device is produced and distributed by Discovery in order to provide vehicle safety and driver benefits. Features:
  • It connects to your smartphone device and will allow you to track your vehicle;
  • ImpactAlert detects if your vehicle has been in an accident;
  • Weather Warnings warns you of bad weather and protects your possessions from harsh conditions;
  • You can use your smartphone as a panic button to alert help of an emergency;
  • You can find and track all the vehicles on your insurance plan at any time of the day or night;
  • At an extra cost, you can use this device to track and recover your vehicle if it has been stolen;
  • This device can be used to monitor your driving and provides you with rewards for good driving.


MiWay requires their customers to get a tracking device fitted at their list of fitment centres around the country.

Auto & General

They pay for any fitted accessories to be fitted to the vehicle up to the value of R10 000. Auto & General encourages their customers to get fitted with a vehicle tracking device. 

So why not invest in a device today and this could not only save you money, but it could save your life!

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