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Our Favourite Subscription Boxes for the Foodie

Author: Jason Snyman
Date: 2017-09-27
A while ago, we gave you our favourite local Goodie subscription boxes. Now we’ve had a look at the Foodie side.
A few weeks ago we gave you the Top Local Online Sites For Goodie Boxes, because subscription boxes can be pretty fun. Read more below.  Thanks to the complete ineptitude of customs and the SA Post Office, we still avoid subscribing to any boxes from abroad. It’s a real pity, because you get some good stuff out there. One thing you probably wouldn’t want to have shipped over, in any way, is fresh food. With a huge amount of foodie subscription boxes available right here in South Africa, how could we ignore them? Without further ado, we give you four of our favourites…
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Not quite a foodie subscription box, as this requires you to do a little work on your side, but still a goodie! Launched in 2014 by Christopher Verster Cohen, Klaudia Weixelbaumer and David Torr, UCOOK is for those who prefer to do their own cooking. They do all the menu planning and sourcing and give you the recipes to prepare fresh, tasty meals to perfection. These have been designed by some of Cape Town’s best chefs. Their weekly menu options include Healthy, Easy and Vegetarian categories. All of their products arrive straight from the farm. They then package it and store it in the cold room, ready for delivery the next day. Simply place your order before midday on a Wednesday and they’ll deliver fresh ingredients directly to your home or office every Monday. UCOOK delivers to all of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, along with a handful of other places. They’re constantly expanding, so if they don’t deliver to your area just yet, they probably will soon.


UCOOK offers three plans, Bachelor (for 1 person), Couple (For 2 people), and Family (for four people). For three meals a week, the costs are R308, R594 and R815 respectfully. If you’ve made other plans, you can skip any week’s delivery in advance by simply pausing or hitting cancel at any time.

Any Good?

UCOOK are committed to policies of ethics and sustainability with their chosen suppliers, so that’s something. There are a number of really helpful reviews online, in which subscribers have detailed every meal they’ve received – all to the approval of children and adults alike.
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The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox has a pretty simple idea. Pick from one of four options – Kids Box, Adult Box, Banting Box or Nut-Free. They then source lunch options for an entire month, including health bars, oat crunchies, biltong, droëwors, nuts, dried fruit and juice. They package these into 20 day packs and deliver the box to your door. You then have a Lunchbox for every weekday of the month. With over 80 different items available, every day you’ll get something different. We here at CompareGuru got to try out The Lunchbox a couple of weeks ago, and we were all really impressed with the contents – particularly the carob bars, seed bars and dried fruit. The quality was good, and needless to say – the packs lasted 21 minutes, as opposed to 21 days. The whole office tucked in, and there was something for everybody to enjoy. Also, they deliver nationwide.


The monthly subscription options work out cheaper, as opposed to once-off payments. For the Kids Pack – R630 p/m. R763 p/m for the Adults. R826 p/m for the Banting option and the most expensive; the Nut-Free option at R830 p/m. This may seem steep to some, considering that you could get quite a lot of snacks for that price if you shop around. Similar service, Lunchbugz, comes in at R920 p/m for the Adult package. And they’re not as health-conscious. So, by comparison, not too bad.

Any Good?

For those with a hearty appetite, these packs won’t fill you up. They’re merely a healthy supplement to your salad lunch or something to snack on throughout the day. The quality of the goods, as mentioned above, was great. If you don’t believe us, a number of testimonials can be found on their website, as well as other sources.  


Tuckbox is a healthy snack subscription box. They pride themselves in both sourcing and manufacturing snacks that are of the highest quality, nutritional value, and flavour. Amazing baked goods, savoury snacks and delicious pairings of fruit and nuts, Tuckbox offers it all. They do everything from crunchy to chewy, salty to sweet and zesty to spicy. They allow you to customise the box according to your dietary needs. You don’t get to choose the exact snacks, but whatever you get you’ll probably want to try in anyway. Each box contains a variety of 10 individually packed items, delivered once or twice a month. Whether you’re going out for a picnic, looking for something tasty to keep in your desk drawer or just craving a healthy treat, Tuckbox is a good option.


Tuckbox comes at R190 per box. 10 snacks per box means you’re paying an average of R19 per snack. This is around middle-range. Similar snacks at a store could cost anything between R10 – R30. Factor in the convenience of getting pre-portioned snacks delivered right to your door and it works out to good value.

Any Good?

The packaging has received immense praise from everybody who’s subscribed. Everything comes in clear, beautiful, individually wrapped pouches and trays. You can also buy hand-crafted wooden gift boxes. Boardroom Tuckboxes are branded with your company’s logo and filled with snacks to cater for meetings.  


Should you be interested in snacking on something a little more sugary than the above-mentioned subscription boxes, SweetieBox might be for you. They've been in business for just over a year now and seem to be growing from strength to strength. Every month you get a box containing three 500ml tubs  filled with delicious, curated sweet treats. These could include handmade fudge, gummys, chews, jellys, chocolates and a whole bunch of other tasty treats. What you get from month to month is a surprise. Your box is shipped out on the 7th of every month, and should arrive within 1-3 business days to major cities. Outlying areas take a little longer. One nice option - SweetieBox allows you to browse previous boxes on their website, and if the treats are still available, so are the boxes.


The box costs R269 per month plus delivery. This is R36 for JHB, R60 for most of the rest of SA and R125 for outlying areas.

Any Good?

Subscribers absolutely rave about the SweetieBox. The service is friendly, the quality of the sweets is good and the box arrives FAST. You can check out a number of reviews on their Facebook page.  
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