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And The Finalists For 2018 The World Car Of The Year Are…

Jason Snyman
Finalists in all six categories for the World Car of the Year awards have been announced. Have a look here, and let us know your thoughts!
The World Car of the Year winners will be announced on 28 March 2018 at the New York International Auto Show. For now, we’ve got the top three finalists in each category. Winners are announced in six categories, namely the 2018 World Car of the Year, World Luxury Car, World Performance Car, World Green Car, World Car Design of the Year and the World Urban Car. The finalists in these categories were chosen by a jury of 82 notable international automotive journalists hailing from 24 countries, including South Africa’s Hannes Oosthuisen of For the first time, we’ve also seen the World Car Person Of The Year award. It has already been announced, going to Hakan Samuelsson, President and CEO of the Volvo Car Group.
"When deciding who should win our inaugural World Car Person of the Year award, we weren't concerned about the age, nationality or job title of the man or woman concerned. We simply wanted to identify the very best individual in the industry. And we think - in fact we know - that we've found that person,” said the judges.
The WCOTY award is a big deal, and is often ranked as the number one automotive award available. Last year, the big title went to the Jaguar F-Pace. Who will it be in 2018? Have a look below, and let us know which you would vote for.
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2018 World Urban Car Of The Year

Last year, the Ford Fiesta was the bestselling car in the UK. This year, it faces off against the nippy Suzuki Swift and the ever-popular VW Polo. Our money is on the Fiesta taking the title of World Urban Car of the Year, if only because the Polo is getting a little boring. 1. Ford Fiesta A ‘real-world’ car that’s fun to drive and easy to maintain.

2. Suzuki Swift

An appealing alternative to other Asian car manufacturers such as Toyota, Kia or Hyundai.

3. Volkswagen Polo

A good blend of price, performance and practicality. A firm favourite among South Africans.  

2018 World Performance Car Of The Year

The Japanese are in it to win it, with two powerful nominations. The Honda Civic Type R is devastating, and so is the Lexus LC 500. BMW, however, may throw a spanner into the works with the M5.

1. BMW M5

BMW’s switch to 4-wheel-drive may just be enough to help it come out on top.

2. Honda Civic Type R

Day-to-day hatchback to Absolute maniac at the flip of a switch. The Honda is a firm favourite to grab the title this year.

3. Lexus LC 500

A high-tech approach to taking on the competition. Plus, it's simply beautiful to look at.

2018 World Luxury Car Of The Year

Germany will be walking away with this award no matter what. Will it go to Porsche or the highly-coveted Audi? Both, as we all know, do luxury so well.

1. Porsche Panamera

The second generation Panamera improves from strength to strength.

2. Porsche Cayenne

Cutting edge tech combined with SUV practicality make the latest Cayenne a mean contender.

3. Audi A8

Luxurious interior, impressive tech and savage performance. It may not beat the Mercedes S-Class for comfort, but might just edge the Porsche competition here.

2018 World Green Car Of The Year

BMW’s second nomination, the 530e iPerformance, faces stiff competition from Chrysler and the better-known Nissan Leaf. Nissan, as the only all-electric nomination with a sturdy-enough reputation, will surely walk away victorious.

1. BMW 530e iPerformance

The first 5-series that can be plugged in. A good stepping stone for BMW’s advance into the EV market.

2. Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The only plug-in hybrid minivan for sale, but not sold in the UK. The fact that it’s also pretty pricey for a minivan could hamper its chances.

3. Nissan Leaf

Needs no introduction. The Nissan Leaf is all-electric and impresses in almost every way. The next gen model aims to appeal to the greater masses.  

2018 World Car Design Of The Year

It’s strange, how design so often influences overall performance, practicality and our perception. Two of the nominees for the Design of the Year trophy are also nominees for the all-round World Car of the Year.

1. Lexus LC 500

Lexus clearly has a winner on its hands here. The LC 500 bags its second nomination. And again, would you just look at it…

2. Range Rover Velar

Beautiful interior and sleek performance have made the Velar the most desirable Land Rover ever made. It’s also the first to prioritise form over function. Will that be its ultimate downfall?

3. Volvo XC60

A comfort-oriented premium SUV. The XC60 is Volvo’s best-seller, and the new model will likely continue to carry that torch.
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2018 World Car Of The Year

And now, for the big one. The 2018 World Car of the World nominations see the Range Rover Velar and Volvo XC60 return with high hopes of claiming the major title. They both face staunch competition, though, in the form of Mazda’s CX-5. Surprisingly, there are no German names on this list, and more surprising still, Mercedes-Benz is nowhere to be seen in any of the categories. Odd, but alas! Here are the cars of the moment:

1. Range Rover Velar

In a battle of the SUV’s, the Velar squares off against the Volvo and the CX-5. The Velar is possibly the most dynamic Range Rover ever made, but will it be enough?

2. Volvo XC60

The XC60 also comes in a hybrid model, which may appeal more to the environmentally-conscious of the future. It’s also tax-efficient.

3. Mazda CX-5

Looking sharp there, Mazda. Crossovers and SUV’s make up 40% of Mazda’s market share nowadays, so it stands to reason that they would bring the CX-5 up to date with a sleek design and the latest tech.
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