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Will The Foreshore Finally Reach Completion?

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2018-01-26
After many years of uncompleted bridges around the CT, the City has announced that the foreshore will soon be completed.
The unfinished bridges around the CBD in Cape Town have become part and parcel of the city's concrete jungle. These bridges continue to be the topic of much debate as to whether or not they will be completed. This has gone on for years, but finally the City has announced that the foreshore will soon be completed. Last year, the City of Cape Town announced that they chose six winning proposals to transform the foreshore and its surroundings. This February, the winning proposal is expected to be announced and construction is set to start on the Foreshore Freeway Precinct. But how will this affect you? We find out.
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When Will The Project Commence? 

The city has received six proposals from various private sector companies around the city. The following six bidders have entered into the bidding process:
  • V&A Waterfront;
  • Urban Dynamics Consortium (trading as the Circle of Good Hope Consortium);
  • Foreshore Freeboard Consortium;
  • Foreshore Development Agency (trading as Shoreline and headed by pioneering BEE personality Marcel Golding);
  • Nadeson Property Developments (headed by Grand Parade Investments’ Hassen Adams);
  • Mitchell du Plessis Associates (MDA).
Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, City of Cape Town, Brett Herron has explained that the city has a long process to follow. This is before the successful bidder has been chosen.
"Once the Bid Evaluation Committee (BEC) has announced the outcome of the Stage 1 evaluation process, the qualifying bidder(s), if any, will enter into an agreement with the City of Cape Town which will set out the conditions and requirements to be followed for the rest of the process."
Due to the lengthy processes that have to take place, Herron could not provide an exact date as to when the construction will commence. Herron also emphasized that the future of the uncompleted bridges will be determined once the winning bidder is announced.

The City Of Politics

Not only is the city suffering from a deadly drought, but the local government is quickly starting to crumble. With Mayor Patricia de Lille fighting to keep her spot as major, former City Manager Achamat Ebrahim resigning and City Transport Commissioner, Melissa Whitehead fighting to keep her job, management isn't doing too well. Although there are a lot of political issues facing the local governing body, Herron as said that this has not altered the transformation project.
"Mr Achmat Ebrahim, City Manager at the time, reconstituted the Bid Evaluation Committee in the latter part of last year. As the City’s Accounting Officer, he had an oversight responsibility regarding this process. Having been advised by our independent assurance auditors on an expressly confidential basis that a deadlock had been experienced during evaluation of key technical criteria, the City Manager, having considered all options, took the decision to reconstitute the Bid Evaluation Committee at the time."
Herron goes on to further say that the process has taken place under the watchful eyes of independent auditors. This ensuring that the process is "fair and thorough".
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How Will This Project Help The City? 

The City Of Cape Town mentioned on countless occasions that they want to incorporate the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) housing project into the city centre. This will provide easier access for previously-disadvantaged citizens who have previously lived on the outskirts of the city.
"Bidders were required to submit a development proposal which had to include, among others, details about how they intend to provide housing opportunities to a diverse cross-section of income groups. Submissions had to elaborate on what percentage of the total development rights in the core development zone will be earmarked for the provision of affordable housing and how it would be integrated along transit-oriented development principles," explained Herron.
The Foreshore Freeway Precinct Project is aimed at providing affordable housing in the City. Apart from this, tax payers can breath a sigh of relief, as Herron confirmed that most of the funding from the City will be provided through the normal budgeting processes.

6 Winning Proposals

Here are the current top six proposals that were elected to compete in the final bid for the foreshore transformation project.

Proposal A

Proposal B

Proposal C

Proposal D

Proposal E

Proposal F