Great Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers

Technology has the ability to entertain, educate and aid us in more ways than we can imagine. What better gift then, than a bit of tech?
Jason Snyman
Holiday shopping season kicks off this Black Friday, followed closely by Cyber Monday. With that, we begin our search for that elusive unicorn – the perfect gift. With all the amazing deals going around, where do we even begin? One thing’s for sure, no matter the interests or tastes of anybody out there, there’s a shiny new gadget to make it better. We’ve rounded up some of the most entertaining and useful gadgets out there for your tech-loving friends and family. Where we could, we consulted our friends, PriceCheck, to find the best deals.
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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing piece of gaming technology, and was incredibly hard to get your hands on when it first launched. Designed to go wherever you do, you can switch from playing in HD at home to taking the game on the road in handheld mode. The Joy-Con controllers have a huge variety of functions, giving you total gameplay flexibility. As their website says, you can transform your home console to a portable system in a snap. Play against friends, play in groups, there's almost no end to the functionality of the Switch. Check out the video below. PriceCheck sourced the best deal online at Takealot.  

Amazon Kindle

For the lover of reading, Amazon's Kindle is the way forward. The world of publishing is slowly (sadly) but surely moving from page to the screen. As the world's leading e-reader, Kindle enables readers to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media. There are so many great Kindle models to choose from, but we went with the tried and tested fan favourite; The Kindle Paperwhite. They're available through Amazon, of course, but great deals can be found pretty much everywhere else - especially this Black Friday.  

Sphero Star Wars Droids

These are the droids you’re looking for. The folks at Sphero have built fully controllable droids from the Star Wars franchise. BB-8 is there, and so is the diabolical BB-9E. Of course, everybody’s favourite, R2-D2 is among them. What better gift is there for a Star Wars fan than their very own Artoo? Droids can be controlled via your smart device or a Sphero Force Band. They feature authentic movement, sounds and numerous functions to explore – as well as being able to interact with other drones. The best part? Put on your favourite Star Wars film, and the droids will react to certain scenes. Sphero’s app-enabled droids are available in SA through The Gadget Shop and Yuppie Gadgets.  

Kano Computer Kit

Computers are all around us. Yet, few people know how they work and how to build them. Kano is for all ages, but makes a particularly great gift for children or youngsters who show an interest in programming or opening their desktop PC up to poke around. Basically, Kano is a simple, fun way to create and learn. Children as young as six have used it to build their own computers, their own games and their own radios. This is way beyond, say, Leapfrog, and way more empowering. Users follow the books and simple steps, plugging in boards and cables and buttons - learning and creating as they go. Kano Computer Kits are available in a wide variety of places, but we found a great deal on Takealot. It's worth noting that the kit does not include a screen.  

Parrot Mambo Mini Drone

Ever thought about taking up drone racing? French drone company, Parrot, brings us a compact, ultra-light, agile mini-drone called the Parrot Mambo. The drone comes in a number of different versions – the Mambo Fly, the Mambo Mission and the one we like the most, the Mambo FPV. FPV, of course, stands for First Person View.  The drone comes paired with unique Cockpitglasses, which offers the pilot an immersive bird’s-eye perspective. It allows you to see exactly what the drone sees, making for a pretty exciting gift. Top speed, they say, is 30km/h. PriceCheck sourced the best price for the Parrot Mambo FPV at Takealot.  

Amazon Echo

The Echo is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, provide information, read the news, set alarms, and much more. Think of it as a stylish cyber butler. An assistant to anybody in need of a helping hand. Alexa is always getting smarter, learning more and gaining new features. If you've rigged your smart-home up properly, Alexa will run it for you. PriceCheck found a number of good deals on the Amazon Echo, but keep an eye out for other great specials!
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