Hello Peter: Cell C Dominates in Customer Service

So which mobile service provider rules the roost in terms of excellent customer service? Hello Peter has spoken.
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According to HelloPeter, Cell C has the highest percentage of compliments amongst all users while MTN customers have quite the opposite reaction with the highest percentage if complaints. Hello Peter, South Africa's largest consumer website allows users to voice their opinion on practically anything, and it seems users are showing both the love and contempt for their mobile service providers. The site provides the transparency needed for consumers who need an indication of what's in store for them when signing with a mobile network. The latest results reflect customers' feelings towards the network providers in South Africa by collating all positive as well as negative feedback each provider has received. According to the statistics, Cell C's stats revealed mostly compliments to the server, whilst MTN seemed to have many disgruntled customers with the highest percentage of complaints of all. The overall reports gave a slight expectation to what type of customer service is in store for the clients of these companies.  and after Cell C, Vodacom and Virgin Mobile will provide the best customer satisfaction.

Check out the overall customer satisfaction for each service provider

1) Cell C - 10.54%

The network provider received 875 compliments and 7424 complaints which brought their the total amount of customer satisfaction to 10.54%.

2) Vodacom  - 7.5%

The African mobile communications company received 1281 compliments and 15 788 complaints from customers. which tallied their customer satisfaction at 7.5%.

3) Virgin Mobile 7.33%

Richard Branson's mobile service provider is catching up in third place where they recieved 30 compliments. 379 complaints and 7.33% customer satisfaction.

4)Telkom - 6.45%

Taking fourth place with an overall of 6.45% compliments of which 21 465 were complaints and 1479 were compliments.

5) Neotel - 4.53%

Scored 4.53% in customer satisfaction with 590 complaints and 28 compliments.

6) iBurst - 3.97%

Receiving 3.97% compliments of which 121 were complaints and 5 were compliments.

7) MTN - 3.23%

A third of the customer satisfaction Cell C enjoyed, MTN landed in last place due to it's 19 935 complaints and 666 compliments.