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Job Seeker? Check Out The 3 Most In-Demand Jobs In SA

Author: Compare Guru
Date: 2017-01-19
Are you looking for a career that pays and is in demand? Check out the three most in-demand industries you should be in.
Are you just leaving school or in the process of looking for another job? CareerJunction released their trending careers for December 2016, which indicates the current, most in-demand jobs, and how much they pay. Demand for jobs in the finance and IT industries increased between 5% and 15%. The construction, motor, and telecoms industries took a hard hit with a decline of jobs and job activity of between 59% and 63%. Increased demand and popularity in the finance and IT industries can be attributed to the ever-increasing online job market, as more and more online platforms emerge.
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Check Out The Three Most In-Demand Jobs For 2017

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1. IT Project Administration / Management

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position:
  • Gauteng: R39 074 to R47 656 per month
  • Western Cape: R34 247 to R47 050 per month

2. Nursing / Professional Care Giving

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position:
  • Gauteng: R19 668 to R24 473 per month
  • Western Cape: R17 980 to R24 143 per month
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal: R19 455 to R24 600 per month

3. Business Analysis

Average salary offerings for a skilled level position:
  • Gauteng: R40 841 to R48 107 per month
  • Western Cape: R36 730 to R47 093 per month
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal: R28 131 to R35 143 per month
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The Below Skills Are Most Sought Out By South African Employers

  1. Software Development (Information Technology) -  C# and .Net skills are still the most in demand in the IT industry.
  2. Sales Consulting/Representatives - Vacancies for sales staff are often one of the most applied for job applications.
  3. Department/Middle Management - Careers such as Operations Managers, Production Managers, Finance Managers, Sales Managers, and General Managers are in high demand and have great career prospects for all potential job seekers.

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