Make Sure Your Travel Insurance Package Includes This List

Don’t sign on the dotted line for travel insurance until you have read what a package should include to make sure you are properly covered.
Published: Wednesday, May 21st 2014
Travel insurance has many complicated factors that you need to understand before you start paying, make sure your package includes this list. Before you choose a package, look at the finer details of your package: • Inclusive of worldwide or European cover • How many days you will be covered for, per trip • What is the maximum compensation for: lost luggage, lost or stolen cash, lost glasses, lost or stolen personal valuables (check if your home insurance covers your personal valuables when you are travelling) • Coverage for your age group • Check what the policy excludes • Check the excess • Does it cover dangerous activities and destinations • Inclusive of personal liability cover • Whether your health insurance covers serious injury or sudden illness • Trip cancellation or unexpectedly leaving early due to illness or other circumstances • Full cost of your holiday • Inclusive of compensating lost or stolen Some types of insurance may include: • Personal accidental death cover (disability and death) • Cover for pregnancy • Legal expenses/ financial protection if your travel agency goes bankrupt You can also consider optional cover for your home while you are away. ©Diane Moalem for Compare Guru