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Another Big Petrol Price Drop Expected In January

Author: Jason Snyman
Date: 2019-01-07
The Automobile Association has predicted that South African motorists could be in for yet another big drop in the fuel price this January, but it all depends on political and economical stability.

The Automobile Association has predicted that South African motorists can expect further mercy in the new year, in the form of another big decrease in the petrol price. This is based on data released by the Central Energy Fund, and can be attributed to continued drops in international crude oil prices – which affects the cost of importing international petroleum.

As we’re all woefully aware, the petrol price climbed to the highest point in history in 2018 – hitting the R17/litre mark in October. December saw the first price cut after about eight months of consecutive hikes.

SA is yet to catch up with considerably lower international petroleum prices, but at least we have this sliver of hope to cling to going into 2019.

Based on the latest available data, these are the predicted price changes for fuel:

  • 93 Petrol – R1.32 decrease;
  • 95 Petrol – R1.34 decrease;
  • 0.05% Diesel – R1.53 decrease;
  • 0.005% Diesel – R1.56 decrease;
  • Illuminating Paraffin – R1.44 decrease.

The AA has cautioned, however, that much of this could depend on political and economic stability in the country. We know, we know. We burst out laughing too, if only to keep from crying.

Since the beginning of December, we’ve seen a sharp depreciation of the Rand against the US Dollar, caused by tensions relating to the Brexit and the trade war between the US and China, and if this trend continues it will undoubtedly play a part in how much of a decrease we’ll enjoy – if any at all.

The government, on the other hand, is also reportedly working on a plan to restructure the way the fuel price is calculated, which could also involve putting a cap on the price of 93 grade petrol. The plan is expected to be tabled in January.

In the meanwhile, it also doesn’t hurt to save on petrol where you can. So what can you do at the pump, while trying to stave off a nervous breakdown, in order to save on fuel costs?

Do Not Fill Your Tank Past The First Click, And Other Advice

Advice on how to save petrol is passed on from one driver to another all the time, we’ve even put a couple of helpful articles together ourselves. Tips and tricks can include:

  • Planning your route and combining your trips to cut out unnecessary driving;
  • Closing your windows when you drive to decrease drag and resistance to the vehicle;
  • Change gears and break properly;
  • Freewheel when you can;
  • Utilize lift clubs and carpools in your area;
  • Optimal cruising speed is at around 80km/h – 90km/h. Anything faster burns excessive amounts of fuel;
  • Keep your vehicle serviced and well-maintained;
  • Use the highways and avoid soul-destroying traffic. Unless you live in Cape Town, in which case you get no reprieve from traffic and your life is officially in shambles. Buy a helicopter. 

Another long-standing piece of advice is to never fill your petrol tank past the first click. Now, the first click is also referred to as the auto stop, and it happens when the petrol pump automatically detects that your vehicle’s fuel tank has reached its optimal, intended capacity, and then stops filling it.