CEO Leaves OUTsurance for Rain Network

Wireless broadband network company, Rain, are about to launch their full mobile service. They’ve named a top CEO to take charge.
Jason Snyman
A few months ago, Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) and its LTE-A network rebranded themselves as Rain. You may remember WBS as being the holding company of iBurst and business-focused telecommunications provider, Broadlink. Rain is building an LTE-Advanced (or 4G+) wireless broadband network using spectrum assets inherited from WBS. Their aim is to connect South Africa to the unlimited opportunities of the digital universe. Now, they’re about to launch a full mobile service. The man to take up the reins as CEO of Rain Mobile is none other than Willem Roos, founder and CEO of OUTsurance.

The Right Guy for the Job

The company was created after Multisource, a business backed by former bankers, Michael Jordaan and Paul Harris, acquired WBS in 2015. Jordaan will serve as chairman of Rain Mobile, while Roos will be brought in to take the CEO position. Rand Merchant Investment Holdings issued a statement on Wednesday, saying that Roos is scheduled to leave OUTsurance at the end of December. He will be relocating his family to Stellenbosch in order to take the reins at Rain Mobile. RMI said that Roos has ‘left a lasting mark’ on OUTsurance, as well as the broader group. Roos will remain committed to OUTsurance and support the business through his transition. “OUTsurance has a strong management team who are deeply entrenched in the organisation, with extensive operational experience at the group,” said RMI. “These members embody the entrepreneurial OUTsurance culture and ethos, ensuring continuity and stability of the business model.” He will also retain his shareholding in the short-term insurance provider and remain on the board.
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Rain Mobile

Rain Mobile believes that in the foreseeable future, all voice calls could be carried over data networks. Think Whatsapp calling. The company has previously stated to My Broadband that it plans to launch a data-focused mobile service when they have 2,000 LTE-A towers active in South Africa. The company said that the data-only mobile products will be simple and offer affordable pricing. They will also challenge traditional market practices such as data expiry, which has been a thorn in our side since day one. There has also been some speculation that Rain may offer service-based packages, as opposed to MB or GB-based data bundles. Video Streaming, Social Media, Web Surfing, Messaging or Voice-Service packages could be on the table. Rain is constantly expanding its coverage, already extending across South Africa’s major centres and metropolitan areas. New sites are added weekly. You can check their map here to see if your area has coverage. Until now, Rain only offered a fixed wireless broadband service through Internet Solutions and their resellers. This is a simple plug and play solution: plug in your router and you’re connected. Rain Mobile, however, is planning on launching beta services before the end of 2017.