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Get Cash Back From Your Grocery Shop With This Couponing App

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-07-15
Buy your groceries at any local supermarket and save! We provide the details on South Africa’s first couponing app.
Digitalised couponing is officially a thing in South Africa thanks to SnapnSave’s CEO Mark Bradshaw and his team. Couponing has become a very Americanized form of shopper savings. Millions of people across America spend their time collecting paper coupons in order to save them megabucks. These coupons normally save consumers lots of money on everyday essential food items.
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How It All Started

Just 18 months ago, SnapnSave’s CEO Mark Bradshaw, found himself in the US among a couponing underworld. He was so caught up in it that he brought the couponing trend back across the seas and recreated the first ever South African digitalised app, otherwise known as SnapnSave. In just a year and a half, SnapnSave’s profile has grown with over 200 000 app downloads. Not only that, but SnapnSave has paid out a whopping R3 million to its Snappers.

What Is It?

According to SnapnSave’s Marketing Manager, Roger Bezuindenhout, SnapnSave is a digital couponing app that aims to save the consumer money and helps create awareness around local brands. There are currently over 300 local brands that have discount coupons available on the app. Bezuidenhout mentions that the company is planning on growing their brand partnerships.
“We are in talks with some other brands and aim to provide people with different deals other than food coupons”, explains Bezuidenhout.

How To You Use It in 6 Easy Steps

Step One

  • Go on to the SnapnSave app and check what cash saving coupons are on offer.

Step Two

  • Go to your nearest supermarket and do your grocery shopping.

Step Three

  • “Book” the coupons of the products that you have purchased.

Step Four

  • Click on the “Snap” button and choose the shop that you purchased from. Hold the phone over the receipt and snap a picture.

Step Five

  • You will then get a message from the team within 3 days to notify you that your snap is confirmed after which you can click on the “Wallet” tab to check how much you have in savings.

Step Six

  • You can redeem your cashback at any point and it will be EFT'ed to your personal bank account for you to do with it as you wish.
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The Nitty Gritties

Digging deeper, we find out more about the app.

Where Can I Get This App?

If you have any Android or iPhone device then it’s easy. Just go to your app store and download the app. Sign in to the app and claim your cash back.

How Can I Benefit From Using The App?

With every coupon that you book, you are rewarded with cashback. This cashback goes into your “e-wallet” on the app. You are able to claim the cashback at any stage at a maximum value of R3 000 at a time. The money will then be deposited into your account and you can then spend it as you wish! Not only that, but you can earn R10 cashback for every person that you recommend the app to. The more friends and family you share the app with, the more money you make!

Who can use it?

Anyone who has a smartphone or computer can download the app and reap the benefits. No matter how old or young you are, if you shop at any local supermarket, you can become a Snapper.

Which Shops Can I Use The App?

Any local supermarket or retailer. The list is endless so you can do your normal weekly shop and then snap a picture of your till slip.

How Much Can I Save?

We put SnapnSave to the test and decided to see how much we would save on our shopping list. Here’s what we bought:
Item Price Coupon Savings Value After Deductions
1 Kit Kat Chocolate Bar R8.99 R10 off Free
1 Aroma Aerosol Air Freshener 225ml R14.99 R4 off R10.99
Cosmopolitan Magazine- July Issue R34.90 R3.45 off R31.45
1 Avocado R10.99 R1.45 off R9.54
Flugon Capsules 50’s R79.95 R10 off R69.95
Total: R149.82 R28.90 R121.93
  Will you be trying the app any time soon?
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