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Have You Seen The Shocking New #ItCanWait Video?

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-07-19
A new video created by the Western Cape Government has just gone viral. Make sure you watch all the way till the end!
Did you know that there is a 33% decrease in brain activity when you drive and text? The shocking #ItCanWait video exposes exactly what happens when your mind becomes preoccupied with your mobile device. And for a video that was only posted four days ago, it has received a lot of attention! With over 800 000 views locally and over 36 000 000 views globally- this video seems to be having the desired effect.
Read more about how dangerous distracted driving really is below

Distracted Driving Month


The #ItCanWait video is in aid of the Western Cape Department of Transport's campaign, Safely Home. This campaign aims to highlight the importance of road safety as well as create awareness surrounding bad driving. The campaign has created a themed calendar for the public to view. Each month, the Safely Home campaign has a specific theme around road safety and conversation is produced in the form of a video.
According to Spokesperson for the Minister of Transport and Public Works, Siphesihle Dube; "We cover a whole range of road safety and at each time we use commercial tools and media tools to reach as many people as we can."
This month focuses on distracted driving. The aim is to expose the very hard truth surrounding the consequences of being distracted behind the wheel. Have you been involved in an accident with a distracted driver? Get all the help you need with us! Why compare car insurance with us?

But Why So Graphic? 

Safely Home's YouTube channel has all the videos from the past months' themes. All of these videos show what could happen if you don't follow the rules of the road.
"All our other campaigns have that attention grabbing feel. We are wanting to for it not to be seen as graphic but rather catch peoples attention and have people think a little bit more about these incidences," explains Dube. 

What Has The Response Been?

Although the video has only been out for a few days, the response has been extremely positive. No one has bashed the campaign for their topic, as it is not controversial but rather plays on reality. Dube explains that a lot of research is done before, during and after the publication of videos like these. This is because the campaign aims to produce footage that is hard hitting and encourages change.
"We have done extensive research into a lot of these practices across the world and have found that this is the nature of the type of commercial that grabs attention."

In Case You Were Wondering!

All the footage in the #ItCanWait video has been performed by actors. Just to get this straight- no one was injured or killed in the making of this video!
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