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Is Online Overtaking the Physical Store?

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-10-04
The stats are in. We reveal the details behind online shopping in South Africa, as well as those still making in-store purchases.
Audience measurement company, Effective Measure has just released the latest stats on South African's online shopping habits. The survey captures a variety of data based on how and why South Africans choose online shopping. The research was conducted throughout the country by 8 751 respondents. The survey ran between July and August 2017. So, is online shopping a really as popular as everyone thinks?

Here Are Some Of The Findings...

The online industry is set to be the new way to do things nowadays. From buying groceries to purchasing the latest gadget or even ordering in, online has made the world smaller.  If instant gratification is what you want, with online shopping that's what you get. Normally shopping is associated with the female gene, however, 57% of participants who used online shopping were males. Another interesting fact is that 25% of all online users were older than 60. This just proves that mature people are also jumping on the online bandwagon. Although many people still prefer to do offline or in-store shopping, it's surprising to note that a whopping 63% of offline shoppers are under 40. Interestingly enough, the most popular items bought online are items that arrive instantly- such as travel tickets. Although the numbers of online shoppers are on the increase, 66% participants only shopped online once in three months.
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Does This Sound Like You?

Are you a hesitant online shopper? The kind that has to do your homework before you place any orders? Well, don't worry, you are not alone. 50% of survey respondents first research the product on social media platforms and comparative sites before purchasing. The report states that many continue to choose online shopping for the convenience factor as well as the many exclusive online deals. But it is online deals that seem to be converting the masses. A massive 23% of offline shoppers indicated that they will switch to online shopping by next year, because of good deals.

So What Do The Stats Say?

Although online shopping is perceived to be the 'cool' way to shop, 54% of participants have never bought something online! So here's a breakdown of who the real online shopaholics are: If that hasn't surprised you, the demographic of users will. 44% of online shoppers have just a Matric qualification, proving that online shopping is appealing to South Africa's vast demographic.

What Are People Buying?

The world is at your finger tips with online shopping. Whatever you are looking for, you are most likely going to be able to find online. The most popular purchase is still travel tickets, with software and computing coming in second place. After choosing your item of preference, how do you pay? Well according to the E-Commerce Industry Survey 2017, 65% of participants pay for their purchases using either a debit / credit card.

When Is The Most Popular Time To Shop? 

Most people shop either before work or after work. The evening seems to be more popular with 28% of participants, while 25% of participants shop in the morning before work.

But What About The Offline Shoppers? 

If you are an avid online shopper, you must be wondering why there are still so many people who go into retail outlets to make purchases. Well, the survey results say that 25% of offline participants don't use online shopping because they just aren't used to it. However, with so much credit card fraud taking place in SA, 20% of the participants say that they are still too scared to make online payments. A big hit, however, with the offline shoppers was making bill payments online. Yes, that was the closest offline shoppers got to the online realm. Although the stats prove that offline shoppers are still the majority, the digital world is quickly taking over, so why not give it a try and decide for yourself!
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