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Top 5 Self-Defense Items For The Lone Woman

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-08-23
Walking around the city streets as a woman alone can be rather dangerous. We investigate the top five items to help protect the lone woman.
Ever been out and about on the town by yourself and felt a little bit unsafe? Nowadays, walking the streets alone as a woman is not a very safe exercise. Whether you get strange looks or are followed by suspicious looking people, its always good to be prepared. We have put together a list of things you need to know as well as some items to protect you in sticky situations.
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Advice From An Expert

Elite Defence Academy's Director Des Brown, mentions the importance of always being aware when walking around in public. Brown emphasizes that you can be safe without even buying the fancy safety gadgets on the market. You can very easily make use of the items that you have in your possession.

Feeling Threatened? Do This...

Brown mentions that attackers go for people who look distracted. It is important to walk with a purpose. Don't walk while you are on your phone or busy reading something. Keep your chest out and head lifted to show confidence. This could possibly lessen your chance of being a target. Secondly, if you feel like someone dodgy is approaching, don't show fear. Maintain eye contact with the person at all times. Move your eyes from his/her shoes up to the eyes and back again. This will make the attacker feel very vulnerable and will most likely stop them from going further with their plans. It is also always advisable to stay away from dangerous areas. If you do end up having to go into these areas, ensure that you tell someone where you are, in case of emergency. Brown also mentions that you should be aware of your social bubble. This is normally one metre from your body. This is the imaginary bubble that makes a person feel comfortable. Try and expand that bubble out into a room and see comfortable it makes you feel. The aim of this exercise is to make you passively aware of your surroundings.

5 Everyday Items That Could Save Your Life

  1. Sturdy Pen - Yes this might seem strange, but a good strong pen could inflict a lot of harm. Try and keep a metal pen in your pocket or bag. This is easily accessible and might provide some protection from the perpetrator. Stick it in their eye, hand or throat for some getaway space.
  2. Car Keys- This is normally on all of us. It doesn't even need to be car keys it can be keys of any nature. Keep these in your hands. Try and get a hand spike on the bunch or an alarm that can alert people that you need help.
  3. Handbag- Most women carry this around with them at all times. This can be a very good getaway weapon. If the bag is what they want, obviously you would want to try and keep it far from the attacker. However, if it is a rape or abduction situation, hit them over the head with it and this should give you enough time to get away and find help.
  4. Pepper Spray- This is the common tool that women like to carry around in their handbag or in the car. This is a great means of protection however, you have to know how to use it. The pepper fog/mist is not such a good option as it doesn't have a direct stream so if the wind is blowing, it might blow back in your face. The direct stream pepper spray is a better option. You can spray from three metres away from the person and it will go directly where you aim it. Just remember to ensure that you hold the canister with both hands as this will ensure stability and a perfect aim.
  5. Knife - Although many people might not carry a knife around with them on a daily basis, this is Brown's number one must have item. Just by having a pocket knife in your possession can reduce your risk of being a victim of crime. This can cause serious damage to the perpetrator so try investing in one of these. Be very careful with this however, and rather go to a few classes to be trained on dealing with a knife. It is very easy for a knife to be turned on you and having one on you could land you in a worse situation if you don't know how to use it. So spend some time and money in learning to deal with knives before simply buying one and putting your life at risk. 
*Just remember that when it comes to using self defense items, going to a self- defense class is advisable. This is to ensure that you are using the item in a correct and safe manner.  

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