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Uber Vs Taxify: Which Taxi Service Is Better?

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-12-18
Cab-hailing apps have become a popular means of transport in South Africa. We compare the two most popular cab services, Uber and Taxify.
The battle of the taxi app services in South Africa has become a real thing nowadays. The competition between the good ol' faithful Uber is being tested by the new cab service on the scene, Taxify. Both these companies are application-based cab services and are giving meter taxis a run for their money. With cheaper rates and the option to choose your ride, these apps are the best to turn to after a long night out when a ride is needed. We explore the positives of each cab company and decide which company has the winning formula.


Uber is currently the leading cab service in South Africa with over 969 000 active riders and 12 000 drivers. The app was founded in 2008 by two men in Paris, while the app only reached SA shores in 2013. Uber is now running in 600 cities, in 75 countries on 6 continents and it is continues to flourish.

Why People Use Uber? 

With just a click of a button, you can request a ride from almost anywhere in South Africa. This is a free service that is available on all Android and iPhone devices. Users can choose whether they want to pay via credit card or whether they would prefer cash. Not only this, but riders can decide on the type of experience they want. Riders can choose from the following vehicle options:
  • UberX - Regular sedan;
  • UberXL- Larger van-like vehicle;
  • Uber Black- Upmarket sedan eg. Mercedes.
Each option is available on the app and there is a slight price discrepancy depending on the vehicle option. The nice thing about Uber is that there are so many drivers available, so riders normally don't have too wait long.
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Taxify started in Estonia, Europe in 2013 and has since grown into an international cab-hailing app. Since its launch, Taxify runs in 12 countries in 14 cities. This cab service was only launched in South Africa in 2016, when a first attempt at launching failed in 2015. Taxify currently has 70 permanent drivers, however they are aiming to more than double this over the next year.

Why People Use Taxify?

Like Uber, Taxify is also a free application which is available on all Android and iPhone devices. Many people have made the switch from Uber to Taxify because many believe they are significantly cheaper. Once downloaded, users have the option of paying with credit card or cash. Taxify has made payment simple by allowing people to log on without a credit card. This separates Taxify from other competitive cab-hailing apps. Taxify is currently available to users in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. In the new year, they plan on moving in to the Stellenbosch, Richards Bay and Pietermaritzburg areas respectively. Unlike Uber, Taxify only has one vehicle option, this making travelling with a big group of people a little more difficult. According to Taxify South African Operations Manager, Linda Mahloko, there are plans to enhance vehicle options from next year. Taxify has announced that they will be looking into a van service to transport larger groups travelling together.

So What Is The Difference? 

Uber Vs Taxify

Elements Uber  Taxify
  •  GPS Tracking of every trip;
  • Driver-partners have access to a 24/7 local emergency line;
  • Incident Response Team (IRT) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 Nothing listed.
Minimum Fare  R20.00  R20.00
  •  Cape Town;
  • Johannesburg;
  • Durban;
  • Pretoria;
  • Port Elizabeth.
  •  Cape Town;
  • Johannesburg;
  • Durban.
Vehicle Options
  •  UberX;
  • UberXL;
  • Uber Black.
 Standard sedan cab.
Driver Profit Percentage  Uber takes 25% of each ride.  Taxify takes 15% of each ride.
Payment Methods
  •  Cash;
  • Credit Card.
  •  Cash;
  • Credit Card.
Surging Prices Depends on the volume, demand, congestion due to large events. Depends on the volume, demand, congestion due to large events.

So Which Is The Cheaper Option? 

Here is a breakdown of the basic prices of both, Taxify and Uber... Now that we have laid down the facts, decide for yourself which option you would prefer to use.  

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