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Volkswagen Introduces My VW Customer App

Author: Melissa Cohen
Date: 2017-10-09
Volkswagen has recently launched a new My VW App, which is the first of its kind. This app will save you time and could save your life!
German motor manufacturer, Volkswagen has launched a new customer assistance application. The app is the first of its kind for the motoring industry. The app aims to provide a link between VW and vehicle owners. With one click of a button, all the vehicle's data and information is made available to both the dealership and the owner.
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VW's Shift To Digital

According to Sales and Marketing Director at Volkswagen South Africa, Stefan Mecha, the app will be a step in the digital direction.
"The My VW App is part of Volkswagen’s digitalisation strategy and is another way in which we are bringing the full Volkswagen experience to our customers."
App users are able to download the app for free from any Android or Apple device. Once downloaded, the user will be able to log their vehicle details and personalize their profile. The app will work for any VW vehicle owner, even if the vehicle was purchased as a second hand deal. According to Volkswagen's Siyanga Madikizela, as long as the vehicle was purchased at a Volkswagen approved dealership, the app will work.

What Makes This App Great? 

The My VW App provides users with a variety of features that will assist with administrative queries as well as emergencies. Here are some of the features:
  • Users can request a service appointment at their nearest dealership;
  • Book a test drive;
  • Request a quote for a new vehicle;
  • Access car service history;
  • Manage financial contract information.
But wait - there's more...

The Volkswagen Alert Roadside Assistance Tool

The Roadside Assistance Tool provides users with a direct line to a call centre that will send out assistance if you find yourself caught with a flat. The innovative aspect is that the app sends out GPS co-ordinates to the assistance team. This will eliminate the long waits many experience with assistance crews as they try and find your exact location.

The Guardian Angel Feature

This tool is designed to track your movements and report those to family members if you are in danger. This is a tracking tool which notifies selected friends and family members of the driver's journey. It then sends them an alert if there is a disruption in the journey.

Future Plans For My VW App

Volkswagen plans to use the launch of this app as a stepping stone to tap into greater areas of customer assistance.
“As Volkswagen, we want to stay abreast of technological advancements whilst making it simpler to own a Volkswagen vehicle which is the crux of this app. Not only does the app allow drivers to interact with the Volkswagen brand, it has also made it simpler to book a test drive, apply for vehicle finance, use your mobile GPS to locate the nearest service centre as well as book a service,” explains Thomas Schaefer, VWSA Chairman and Managing Director.
Madikizela adds that the company is in the throws of creating another version of the app. "We continuously strive to add value to our customers' lives, and the app is an ideal platform to do so." VW has not yet linked the app to any insurance companies, however they have been in talks with the relevant people and it is on the cards. If you are a VW vehicle owner, why not download the app and give it a try. Start your car insurance quote.

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