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What Does Your Car Say About Your Personality?

Melissa Cohen
Ever wonder if you could be channeling your personality through your car? We find out how the choice of colour, type and brand influence you.
Many people buy cars because they either like the brand or the price suits their pocket. But have you ever wondered if we choose our cars based on our personality? Well, yes we do. Each car has its own personality and this can say something about the person behind the wheel. We did some research and this is what we found...
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What Does A Type Of Car Say About Your Personality? 

We choose the type of car because it suits our lifestyle choices. Find out what your choice says about you:


This small and nippy option suits the on-the-go kind of person. Impression is not what you are looking for, but getting from A to B is number one on your priority list. You are all about practicality and you are an animal and environment lover who is very aware of environmental conservation.


You are all about balance and practicality. You like comfort and space but image is important to you. You are moderately obsessed with status and expensive brands.


You enjoy your life and you are a go-getting who wants to live your life to the fullest. Although you live a comfortable life, you enjoy living life in the fast lane while the wind blows through your hair. New adventures and exotic places are top of your itinerary.


You don't like to be restricted in your life, be it from your job, your living quarters and even your car. You prefer bigger cars that are both spacious and luxurious. You love adventure so road-tripping is definitely on your list of weekend plans on a regular basis.


Mom car. This would have been the initial assumption of most people, however nowadays this is not the case. You might be a parent with a big family, but if not, you are definitely considering of having lots of kids and pets. You have a ridiculously fast-paced lifestyle and the only time you get to think straight is in the shower. You are extremely caring and you are so concerned about everyone else that life quickly passes you by without you finding time for yourself.

Sports car

Your car is like your sanctuary. If you could, you would live in your car. You love driving just for the sake of driving. You are a natural born leader with a youthful zest for life. You are also a serious risk taker. That's probably how you got the expensive car you drive. It worked out once, but just be careful not to take too many risks.
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What About Car Brands?

Are you brand loyal even if it comes to your vehicle? Well have you ever wondered why you subconsciously are attracted to a certain brand of motor vehicle. We might have the answer...


You are very creative and imaginative. Music and design is your life and you are very hip, young and trendy. Your car is like your drop and go so you find yourself storing all your belongings in the boot waiting for better days. You are very environmentally aware and you don't have a problem with using the various modes of public transport offered around the city.


You are knowledgeable and book smart. You are a success in your working environment even though you might not have been in your company for too long. You find yourself in an architectural or accounting environment where numbers and accuracy matters. Although you have stress and pressure at work, you are still very aware of the latest trends. On weekends you find yourself surrounded by successful people at trendy bars when you aren't exercising.

Mercedes Benz

You are an extremely fit and active individual. When you aren't golfing or playing tennis, you spend your time investing in the stock markets. You are a more mature individual who enjoys the finer things in life. You support all things fresh and organic.


You live a healthy, adventurous lifestyle surrounded by many friends. You enjoy good food and your spontaneous personality makes you the exciting friend to have around. You are very good at logistics and probably find yourself in the transport sector. When you aren't working and adventuring, Indian food on the couch in front of the TV suits you just fine.


Friendly but direct best describes your personality. You enjoy sport and the outdoors. A bit of sport on the telly with some biltong in hand is a perfect weekend affair. You are a very hands on person so getting dirty is not a problem. Hiking, gardening and fishing are some of your past times.


City living is the lifestyle you tend to be drawn to. You are a jet-setter who is very ambitious but also very daring. You are a bit of an introvert amongst the chaos in the city but you are able to adapt to your surroundings pretty well. Marketing or advertising would best suit your personality and your ride.

How About Car Colour? 

According to Colour Psychologist, M.Farouk Radwan, here's what your car colour choice says about your personality:

Black Cars

Black refers to people who can't be easily manipulated and who are mysterious (a part of their personality might be hidden). Some researches say that black car owners are aggressive, others call them competitive. 

Dark Blue Cars

These vehicle owners are loyal, calm and practical.They drive carefully and find themselves staying clear of speeding fines.

Red Cars

These drivers are energetic, fast drivers and are considered show offs who want to get people's attention.

White cars

White work normally reflect innocence and purity , however when it comes to cars its believed that its the choice of status seeking extroverts.

Silver cars

If calm and cool defines your personality, then silver is your car colour. They are also unlikely to engage in car accidents. So your car might actually just be a version of you on wheels!
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