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  • The Best and Worst Internet Providers in SA - Q3 2019

    MyBroadband has released it's Q3 2019 report on the best and worst Internet Service Providers in South Africa, based on speed and customer satisfaction. Let's take a look at the findings.
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  • Should You Sell Your Car or Trade It In?

    There are two main ways to get rid of your old car – sell it privately or trade it in at a dealership. What are the pros and cons of each, and how do you know what's best for you? Here's everything you need to know.
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  • How Travel Insurance Could Save Your Life

    More and more people are beginning to account for travel insurance in the overall cost of travel, and it's easy to see why. Let's take a look at the many benefits of this type of cover, and how travel insurance could even save your life.
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  • Road Accident Benefit Scheme Down, But Not Out

    The heated debate over the Road Accident Benefit Scheme has simmered down somewhat since the 2019 elections. Let's take a look at what's been happening with this controversial Bill.
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  • Is Sanral Really Writing Off Unpaid E-Toll Debt?

    Sanral’s integrated report for the year shows that over R1.84 billion in unpaid e-toll fees have been disregarded. Could the end of the ‘most expensive and inefficient scheme in the world’ finally be in sight?
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  • Fuel Price Due For Increase In October

    The Department of Energy has published the final petrol price changes for October 2019. Let's take a look at how much more we'll be paying at the pumps.
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  • What A Car Crash Does To Your Body (Part Two)

    What happens to our bodies in a high speed car crash? In Part Two, we examine the moment leading up to a collision.
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  • What A Car Crash Does To Your Body (Part One)

    Speed and mortality have a volatile relationship. A car crash at 60kmph can be fatal, so what happens to our bodies at much higher speeds?
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  • International Traffic Laws That Actually Work

    Demerit system? All around the world, different countries have implemented rules of the road to ease traffic, lessen danger and make commuting more bearable.
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  • Think Like A Burglar And Avoid Becoming A Victim

    Sometimes it helps to be able to think like a criminal. To prevent a burglar from targeting your home, you need to know what they look for.
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  • Household vs Building Insurance (And How To Pick The Right One)

    We took a look at the most vital types of insurance available to the home owner, as well as the tenant. Household Contents vs Building Insurance - which do you need, what do they cover, and how do you pick the right one?
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