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  • How To Insure A Foreign Car In South Africa

    Most countries have their own specific laws when it comes to car insurance. Let's take a look at the laws which govern the insuring of foreign cars in South Africa.
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  • How To Behave At The Scene Of An Accident

    Car accidents of any nature are a nerve-wracking experience, and losing your cool in these situations will often only make the whole thing worse. Here are some tips on how to behave at the scene...
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  • Child Seats: Are You Breaking The Law?

    Less than 10% of the children in cars on our roads are adequately secured in child car seats. What do parents need to know about child car seats, and the laws surrounding them?
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  • The Most Common Driving Distractions

    Distraction is the number one cause of road accidents and collisions, and most of it comes down to human error. Here are the most common forms of distraction, and how to avoid them.
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  • The Deadliest Roads In South Africa

    Due to an astonishingly high volume of road fatalities, ten roads across South Africa have been prioritized for stronger law enforcement this month. Let's take a look at where these roads are, and what makes them so deadly.
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  • Women and Cars (Part Three)

    Statistics show that 85% of car purchasing decisions are made by women, but research shows that they're still apprehensive when it comes to the buying process. Let's take a look at why that is, and how to overcome it.
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  • Taxpayers To Fund The NHI

    The revised National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill has been released, answering a few of South Africa's questions. How will it be funded? How will it be implemented? And what will become of medical aids? The answers, however, may prove a jagged pill to swallow.
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  • How To Insure A Drone In South Africa

    Investing in a great drone costs quite a bit of money, and you'll no doubt want to insure it against a multitude of risks. Unfortunately, South Africans have reported some difficulties in doing so. In this article, we'll look at how to get your drone insured, and everything else you need to know.
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  • Women and Cars (Part Two)

    To continue our celebration of Women's Month in South Africa, we took a look some more of the most remarkable women in automotive history, and how they shaped the modern automobile as we know and love it today!
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  • When Are Speed Cameras Illegal?

    South African motorists want to know - can the practice of disguising speed cameras, or hiding them entirely, be considered ethical, or even legal? Here's everything you need to know.
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  • Women and Cars (Part One)

    To kick off the celebration of Women's Month in South Africa, we took a look some of the most remarkable women in automotive history. Without them, we probably wouldn’t have modern cars at all.
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  • The Best and Worst Internet Providers in SA - Q2 2019

    MyBroadband has released it's Q2 2019 report on the best and worst Internet Service Providers in South Africa, based on speed and customer satisfaction. Let's take a look at the findings.
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