King Price Insurance Company Limited

Meet King Price, the first (and only) short-term insurer that decreases your car insurance premium monthly as your car loses value. (Which it does, every single month.) Pretty cool, right? Simply put, they take the ‘eina’ out of insurance. They do this by offering decreasing premiums, the freedom to add or remove products from your policy, docs written in everyday English and the kind of brand humour that makes insurance fun! They take what they do pretty seriously, but themselevs… Not so much. Which is why they make their office a fun place to work and our engagement with consumers useful, meaningful and a little tongue-in-cheek. King Price measures their success by the difference they make. Their 7 family values guide everything they do, and 1 of these is to ‘live with purpose’. Their vision is: ‘Lower premiums: Higher purpose’. They're all about making life a bit better for clients, staff, partners and shareholders, and they also want to impact our country. Their business is insurance but they're also in the business of #MakingADifference

The company also insures:

  • Caravans
  • Home contents
  • Business
  • Buildings